It may take some times, but you are taking the next step of leaning right from wrong. How many former hippies and activist are there? Your internal struggles with racism and trying to be a better person brought tears to my eyes, and warned my heart. Zimmerman is paying not price…that should not have happened either. The dispatcher told him the same thing. I read where people have said that Trayvon was at his intended destination and then left and went looking for George. I watched the entire trial and part of the defenses argument was Trayvon should have ran home. As a woman, I too must agree that if someone were following me down a dark street, they would get a big drop kick, along with a huge helping of elbow and an ample knuckle sandwich.

Have an accident and be negligent by carelessness or wrecklessness and somebody dies, MANSLAughter conviction — was Zimmerman careless and wreckless? There is a bullet and the position of the body to prove this gun crazed, wanna be cop murdered an innocent kid while he was standing in front of him. No doubt he has learned, like me, to be afraid of black men. Gandhi was the biggest racist prick to walk the earth hated African black people South Africans and Indian black people Dravidians. Non cops do not have the right to confront innocent people on the street and expect any answers at all. The blacks live daily being followed and profiled and treated differently than other races. Zimmerman would have died that night.

You were good until you started with the disrespectful. Dear Eddie, you are a most beautiful anti-racist racist! Please stick to all facts…. Appears that pros underestimated how sharp this guy is.

A word on the issue of the Stand Your Ground law as defense in the case: Stay true to your heart.

mkvie I think we believe in one all mighty it may be called something different, but the same. Well done, well written, well intended but let our guilt go and embrace the step you have taken here. There is no known cure, so best I can hope for is to minimize the symptoms. Thank you for clearing mzrtin up Ruth.


The attorneys know in advance which jury instructions the judge will give and these jury instructions which this judge gave were magtin atrocious. You have acknowledged some very interesting points on the subject.

Reblogged this on xkluzivkorner and commented: I hope you take this courage one step further and speak to young people wherever you meet them, so as to create harmony among the divided. You have been lied to novie poisioned with the seeds of hatred, but I get the sense that even though that is what is normal for you, it really is not normal at all, for anyone.

Treyvon had the right to stand his ground just as much as Zimmerman did. With that being said, it still puzzles me that you, Zimmerman, and others, keep saying Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman. I am a black woman and I agree that I sometimes have thoughts about white people that I have to re-arrange, sort through, and assess.

Well, that happened. (Zimmerman trial)

And just as whites have negative stereotypes of blacks, so do blacks of whites. How would you feel if it was you that was beeing followed. Jaime J, not every white person has racism in their hearts or in their minds. He was going to murder young Martin that night because he thought he was going to be Hero.

Fuck walking away, right?

Was it an awful thing? He killed this boy because he did not like black people. He is not around to tell his side for a reason. The fact of the matter is everyone of us have racism ingrained to a certain extent in us. You have stepped beyond racism. I just find it very poignant seeing in coming from a White man! marhin

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You see, as long as you stupid, white-guilt sufferers keep perpetuating the false narrative that all white people think like you marrtin raciststhen most people will keep thinking that all white people think like you. I really do not believe Zimmerman at all to be honest! Ummm, how did Zimmerman make a move? Look at the possibilities you may have missed in your life.


Step 1 is admitting the problem.

I think you have. He was profiled as a burglar.

Did Trayvon tell us he made it home but went back to confront Zimmerman? The whole basis for this blog is a fallacy.

kartin Trayvon resorted to violence… he had a choice and he made matin poor choice of attacking rather than speaking. Trzyvon basically instructed them to find Zimmerman not guilty. Something to consider is proximity. We often talked about race, but never about racism. Face your fears and take the next step, the journey has begun and there is no looking back. I read where people have said that Trayvon was at his intended destination and then left and went looking for George.

Not by their color or culture or what have you. I wish you all would hurry up, and die off. However, that was disproven and retracted because there are vocaaroo bushed in the area when the fight started.

We literally marttin with racism on a daily basis! Goerge Zimmerman is a liar who has superhero syndrome, and racism is alive and well but because you have never been a victim of racism you choose to ignore it. Very courageous post, and very well recieved. I being a 33 year old white female was raised in no way to dislike people of a different race, I was also taught that we treat all people the same no matter what.

I never grew up around racism in Long Beach, Ca. You have become the Librarian. We cannot base a verdict off of emotions or lack of evidence. We are ALL on human family.

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