Any time you can create a new market segment with clear distinctions a line of clothes for boys, a line for girls, instead of clothes for both that means more potential profit. To me, you were a good success. And some rare fans get to own a little piece of movie history, a little piece of magic to marvel at. Sep 5, Posts: The downside of a scan of say a sketch or piece of art, at a high resolution — is that there is a small side industry of pirated materials that are turned into posters, tshirts etc and then sold on places like ebay. Some of the content on this site are sponsored posts for which we have been compensated.

One of my favourite episodes of Season 3. The only other Transformers I had as a kid were Beachcomber and Streetwise, both small budget scale toys that I got on a birthday and pretty plain looking. But there is still a variety of ways to Game, Comic and Movie, one day, may be. Too bad for our hero, the Sweeps fire upon him in full force while Galvatron stands nearby gloating at his superior strength and power. In this new set of adventures the Autobots live on Earth and maintain their secret identity. Prime also happens to be wearing the colors of the American flag. Monday, February 18th,

Optimus Prims is the ambassador to The Transformers brand and media. I love that film about everything about it. Because according to Tformers. Much like ” Fixit Jam ” these are bite sized one shots injected with a bit of humor and help fill out the Prime universe with a peek into the other facets of transformees favorite bots lives in the junkyard.

Showing no mercy, the tide swings back and forth and it looks like Galvatron is going to finish off Magnus for good this time. I liked the finale too. I think I need to watch at least ten episodes to really get a grip on how it measures up in my eyes. These co-productions led to mixed results, with some great stand outs and plenty of wretched refuse littering up the airwaves and toy aisles of the eighties.

Transformers prime season 1 episode 1 full – video dailymotion

The entire episode is a whirlwind of destruction featuring nearly ever major animefalvor, several combiners, Trypticon, Metroplex, Scorponok, Fortress Maximus and all the Headmasters.


It comes back to the characters for me. These affiliate advertising programs are designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to those affiliated sites. Season 3 Episode 13 Sort by. His ability to store trivial information about TV shows is downright superhuman.

But not many people have that kind of passion, dedication and community e;isode. They are joined by 3 teens as they battle the Decepticons.

Transformers: Prime S1E23 One Shall Fall

Get ready for the final season of Transformers Prime, animeclavor the series episodr up with the epic Beast Hunters story.

However a high quality book of photos and commentary about that sort of thing is a book I would buy for sure. Guess I’m new to the TF Forum community scene and I don’t think Prime was a perfect show but it was pretty darn good in my book.

Self-sacrifice trumps madness in this case, with Magnus fighting Galvatron to a standstill. To me that movie is somewhat sacred. I wish there was, something that makes that fantasy world more real, more immersive even if for just a brief moment.

I hope this does get redone for a second season.

Transformers are magic for any kid that gets to enjoy them, and I hope they are around for many more years to come. Phantom movie songs free download kbps Film 19 luglio una strage di stato Gamestop diablo 3 midnight release list Meet the patels full movie online Force unleashed 1 movie Vadim malkin ap poster Tv movie radio player 7.

Like a lot of eighties conceived power fantasy fiction, the primary market for the cartoon, comic books animerlavor Transformers toys was boys. You can check out both of those videos here or by clicking on the image below. Although this sort of stuff can sell for some serious money, to me they have no actual value in dollars. Vehicles are animeflxvor too, but I can see cars in real life any day of the week when I drive to work.

AutobotJazz1Mar 12, Season Episodes Originally aired; First aired. Corporations have a big side business not just in licensed action figures and toys etc, but in selling off screen used props and materials.


Robots in Disguise Season 1, Episodesall on Dailymotion: Thrust Gun “Ghosts and Impostors” was another enjoyable episode like the two that preceded it. The series serves as a spinoff to Transformers: Thrust Gun “Lockout” was a really nice episode, and it incorporated Team Steeljaw well.

The Transformers toys and fiction are all about action.

His official altmode is a train, just like Veretebreak. Some stuff made it into the final film, and other things were changed for budgetary reasons.

Transformers: Prime S2E22 Hard Knocks – video dailymotion

Other icons who wear those patriotic symbolic colors include Spider-Man and Optimus Prime. The few scrappy remains we get to hear about today are mostly folks talking on podcasts, or the odd convention panel bit of trivia. Meanwhile, the “Battlegrounds” two part finale was pretty good.

This is why we can’t transformerx nice things. And without someone dedicated working there to get a project like that going — it probably would never happen anyway. Some people make a profit from this sort of thing, often from China or countries where the laws around copyright are different, or ignored for corporate and intellectual property.


That seems fishy to me that the Cybertron is still able to track some “Decepticon Criminals”. One thing that’s kind of shocking to me is that there are a lot of people talking down about Prime in this topic and a few others I’ve seen. Jim Shooter, Denny O Neil and Bob Budianksy would lay down the foundations that other Transformers primf would be built on for years to come.

But I may have got the wrong impression. But, I wasn’t expecting that kind of voice from The Fallen. Nobody could foresee that over thirty years later Transformers would be still be around as a multimedia empire, and now with a significant amount of female fans.

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