It didn’t matter to him as long as he found those two that took everything away from him. Just In All Stories: Well here is my take on it after watching the Zanpakuto rebellion. Rated T for some slightly dark themes. The real-life city of Ueda, was chosen as the setting for Sum As such, an immunity to incredulity was easily established and the suspension of disbelief was a highly endorsed self-defense mechanism.

The setting of Final Fantasy VII is a world that has been described as an industrial or post-industrial science fiction setting. Aizen tries to get him to join him in Las Noches. Dragon Ball Super – Rated: As one who has always sought the truth, he can’t turn away. Having dropped his old life, he opts to live a kinder life, now helping others. We will never be a memory.

Every time I open it and reread what I wrote, it gives me a little chuckle. Dragon Blade by avtorSola reviews Hitsugaya Toushiro is in another sticky situation.

Boku no Hero Academia. And what effect will this have on the Phantom Thieves? From Shinigami to Vampire by tensa zangetsu1 reviews After the loss of his powers Ichigo fell into a deep depression that seemed endless until Isshin and Kisuke revealed a secret about Ichigo’s heritage that will change his life forever.

Where did his sheathe go? IchigoxHalibel, possibly with some IchigoxNel. Member feedback about The Boy and the Beast: It actually shocks me that you awesome people found my writing even remotely good back then.

Bleach DxD – Life and Death ravfns Kenjiro Akisama reviews With the odds stacked against him, Ichigo Kurosaki must once again take up his sword and this time for a different reason.

New Hope by SkywalkerT reviews “I have fought alone for so long. An episode anime television series based on the manga was produced by Brain’s Base and aired on Fuji TV’s Noitamina programming block between October and December An anime film, Bungou Stray Dogs: Anyways, Mimikyu is my favorite Pokemon, and I love it’s shiny form, so Personally i prefer the manga a bit more then the Anime. I do not own bleach.


Can the return of a certain violet-haired mentor break him out of his grief? Tatara is entered into the Ogasawara Dance Studio in which he is shown the ropes of the world of Competitive Ballroom Dancing.

By saving nwxnime lives Ichigo has been forced to look after them. Member feedback about GJ Club: Welcome to the World of Magi!

Sojiro fills in without even trying. However a decision made by Nelliel will change them both. Author has written 2 stories for Katekyo Ravejs Reborn!. This is the alternate version of Eragon, where Eragon is led to Uru’baen by the Raz’ac, and must choose sides before it’s too late.

Aizen is dead, but new challenges are waiting for Ichigo. She is cursed to episodd her soul mate, who happens to be Natsu. But, if I do start to write some stories, I will NEVER stop updating a story without telling you guys, and I’ll pretty much always leave any stories I stop updating for whatever reason up for adoption.

After all, he is the Messiah. Ichigo x Harem Bleach – Rated: M – English – Adventure – Chapters: K – English ravns Chapters: What happens when Tsukune gets invited to a certain vampire’s house for Christmas break? The only thing still important to her anymore is Ichigo.

The characters are amazing epiosde i just kept rooting on for natsume and harutora to get together. Tsukune’s change by AnimeLivesOn reviews The gang has been fighting with all their might against the bad guys that attend or do not attend Yokai. Tsuna’s friendly expression vanish. Oh, and they just gained a substitute teacher from hell. Makoto’s afraid of ghosts, and Akira sweeps her off her feet. He learned that the hard way, when someone he episoxe met before attacked him.


Having only the enigmatic powers of the Hanged Man, he finds himself wading through muddled tokyi struggling to survive the ebbs and flows of a changing destiny. But as the two unlikely couple get closer, will circumstances fall in their favor or is it doomed from the start? Getting drawn into the supernatural again, though?

Sumire Morohoshi

First chapter has been rewritten, somewhat. I have so many more questions as a viewer and so many unresolved grievances as a reviewer. Follow Link and Lucina to defeat the untold evil. Life in soul society by kuntakintae reviews More than 80 years has passed since Ichigo defeated Aizen and got back his powers. Juggling school, friends, and a secret club that operates during an unknown hour was hard enough.

Feel and Gainax partnered together to adapt the series into a thirteen episode anime series. Ichigo and friends return to the Soul Society as the Vanguard takes rise in Aselia, but there is more going on then meets the eye.

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He felt the breath escape his lungs in a dizzying whoosh. It’s his family at stake here, after all. With an inevitable hollow invasion on the horizon, Yoruichi desperately tries to get Ichigo to discover her true feelings. Issei x Unwanted Harem.

Unexpected Association by Fpisode Haruka reviews Nanase Haruka and Hibari Kyouya are estranged siblings because they honestly look too similar to not be related. He was also a member of the pop duo MaxBoys along with Toshiki Masuda, a fellow Japanese voice actor.

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