Madame Antoine Korean Drama. I was about to give up on Kings 2 hearts. I think the underwear, and when he walked in on her in the shower were big clues. It was so darn poignant and if anything should have clued Jae Hee in that TJ knew she was a girl, that sweet hug should have told her! I also 34 years old with 2 children but I’m Tae Joon. The four explore Seoul together, shopping and snacking as Jung-hoon snaps pictures.

The other boy is poor but he has a factory and he is trying to make it in to the fashion-market. Although I thought Seung-ri was pretty close at first, he departs from Nanba in many aspects now– Nanba wouldn’t have stuttered or been flustered, no! Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Korean Drama. Adolescence Medley Korean Special. Postman To Heaven Korean Movie. Even if Ashiya was really a little dim.

The Heirs Korean Drama.

To the Beautiful You: Episode 9 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

D Just after people were saying in the comments to last episode that there will be no topless Minho scenes in this drama because of SHINee’s image Once her cover is blown she’ll have beaitiful do the right thing and leave.


Also, I think TJ had an inkling that she was a girl when he her panties. Watch ‘ To the Beautiful You ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Queen yok Mystery Korean Drama. Code Blue 3 Japanese Drama. Love at First Hate Thai Drama. This episode confused the hell out of me because all this time I could have sworn that Jae Hee knew that Tae-Joon knew she was a girl.

He is so great. They do not know that they have been talking all day on the phone with each other….

Episode 10

Love and Lies Japanese Movie. He’s so cute when he gets jealous. That witty boy, who was Jae Hee’s first love. Roaring Currents Korean Movie. Temperature of Love Korean Drama. Along With the Gods: You can thank me for the pretty later.

Full House Take 2 Korean Drama. Although I was waiting for some sort of Leo diCaprio reference, even if oblique. It showes love, and trust, and I can recomend you to see it!

He imagines Jung-hoon kissing Jae-hee beneath a broken streetlamp. Hisaya Nakajo really draws good, along with the mangaka of the Sailor Moon series, and the manhwa-ka of Goong.


Love your funny recaps! Dear Sister Japanese Drama. The Royal Gambler Korean Drama.

Prince of Wolf Taiwanese Drama. And the show is picking up but probably a little too late to rescue its ratings. Valid Love Korean Drama. I would dare say that this yyou my favorite episode so far 1.

Lee Ah Hyun Supporting Cast. It was so darn poignant and if anything should have clued Jae Hee in that TJ knew she was kimchidrwma girl, that sweet hug should have told her!

I’m glad they didn’t put that teacher-first love part in too.

I’m really loving this show right now Rooftop Prince Korean Drama. Back to the 90’s Thai Movie.

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