September Learn how and when to remove this template message. See the full gallery. Still later when it is discovered that the veteran’s wallet is missing and as Krstic Sr. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But while the funeral ceremony is still going on, the alleged murderers apparently another family — this would seem to be one of those long-lived feuds that are the stuff of legend, or cliche come riding by on horseback. More Top Movies Trailers.

Pretty Village, Pretty Flame Kondukter as Pavle Vujisic. Despite constant hacking and complaining, he’s seen running and engaging in other physical activities in several scenes, leading to conclusion that some of his health issues might be exaggerated. However, at the time of movie’s filming in , Tito died, which resulted in the extended mourning period that effectively canceled all entertainment activities in the country – including the Italian circus tour that was meant to provide the animals for the scene. He basically only addresses them when he’s got something to complain and vent his anger about. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Lemi and Kiza are two brothers who have to bring their dead grandfather from Belgrade to Vrsac, and having spent all their money, they decide to smuggle the body by train. On Saturday, 5 April , one day before the Axis invasion of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia , a colourful group of random passengers on a country road deep in the heart of Serbia board a dilapidated bus, headed for the capital Belgrade.

En route they pick up a priest and young newlyweds going to the seaside. In the peeping scene, when Krstic Jr. The story of a ten year old boy who, as most of the children in Yugoslavia of the s can hardly imagine his life without the great national leader – marshal Tito.

Muzikant I Nenad Kostic Brka as Danilo Stojkovic Aleksandar Bercek Urban comedy, happening during a night in Belgrade. Celavi as Borislav Stjepanovic Slavko Stimac Despite constant hacking and complaining, he’s seen running and engaging in other physical activities in several scenes, leading to conclusion tamoo some of his health issues might be exaggerated. The two Gypsy musicians provide a running commentary through the film, like a Greek chorus.


He is, however, in utter awe of all aspects of German lifestyle. This page was last edited on 19 Januaryat The film’s genial mood is unexpectedly shattered when a Nazi bomb scores a direct hit on the bus. Who was the best-dressed on the Oscars taml carpet? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Who Is Singing Over There? – The Pinocchio Theory

Order and bureaucracy are both Germanic or German and Austro-Hungarian, respectively. Krstic is a world-weary cynic, out for a buck; the driver is his son, the simple, cheerful Misko. Add the first question. Trivia The entire film was shot in 24 days. Then there is the hunter Tasko Nacicwho seems to have a problem with guns — they tend to go off in his presence, whether he is holding them or not, and in the former case without his intending to fire them.

This is rationality, not imposed from above, but seeping hko every pore of social space from below: A group of people go on a bus to Belgrade, on a journey that will change their lives forever. The group includes two Gypsy musicians, a World War I veteran, a Germanophilea budding singer, a sickly looking man, and a hunter with a shotgun. View All Audience Reviews. Kondukter as Pavle Vujisic Dragan Nikolic Indeed, the Roma serve as a kind of Chorus for the film.

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This is the space in which rituals of hospitality and generosity resist being reduced to mere calculation; but it is also the space in which antagonism maintains its full stupidity, resistant to any form or adjudication or compromise. I really don’t want to go into description of different plot points because no amount of text can even remotely convey the atmosphere of this masterpiece. All these slow the bus down and expose rifts among the travelers.


In the manner of Stagecoach, the audience comes to know and grow fond of the various passengers: Who’s Singin’ Over There? It is never explicitly indicated whether he’s a Nazi sympathizer.

You just need tk see it. Kondukter as Pavle Vujisic.

Ko to tamo peva (Who Sings Over There)

Audible Download Audio Books. Right from the start, through conversations about current events, issues of the day, and general chit-chat, the characters’ individual traits and sensibilities are clearly established. The film consists of three parallel stories that are interwoven and played in Vozdovac.

I’m not sure if this movie has ever been translated and properly released in the West. We Are Not Angels There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Ko To Tamo Peva? Then there is an amazing, almost surreal despite yamo overall naturalism sequence of the funeral for a schoolteacher who, we are told, has been murdered by bandits or terrorists I do not recall exactly; sinceI could only get the film on VHS, not DVD, it is too difficult for me to scroll to the spot.

Who Is Singing Over There?

User Polls Favorite use of a Greek Chorus in a movie Looking retrospectively, then, the explosion in the end is not really, not solely explicable as the Return of the Repressed, but feels instead like an outburst of AFFECT. Misko Krstic Neda Arneric Filmm No Report this. Along the way, they are joined by a priest and a pair of young newlyweds who are on their way to the seaside for their honeymoonand are faced with numerous difficulties: The time is

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