Last edited by jneds; 20th November at As Robert James says above, the customer has absolutely no idea how good or bad a job has been done on their watch, and no means of checking either. They’re good at some things and not very good at others. My grandma gave it to me a good decade ago, but rather than going out-of-date, it seems to have grown into some kind of retro fashion item. Seeing as you can get a proper watchmaker to replace a battery for you properly for around a fiver it seems a bit of false economy. I lost confidence in a high street jeweller when they threw away the seal for the back case of my watch and told me it was no longer waterproof. They have a policy of employing ex-offenders, fine in principle but sometimes their work ethic and attention to detail leaves a lot to be desired.

I’m afraid I have to stick up for them, all of their guys I’ve encountered are generally hardworking, skilled people. Obviously, the Timpsons guys will all be trained, but the skill level of each individual will vary a lot. It was my fault for handing over my watch. I then test the watch and re-assemble properly. Offering free battery replacements for life is not limited to watch batteries and you can buy a car battery with a lifetime guarantee from Halfords. I think the whole thing is a bit gimmicky and no self respecting watch repairer would offer a similar service.

The quality of work will largely depend on the extent and quality of the training and the experience of the individual member of staff doing the work. Originally Posted by Janesy B.

I do not conduct a hydrostatic pressure test but apply a touch of Sil Grease to the rear plate O ring or replace as required. The bigger issue from my point of view is that in the event that the work is carried out awtch then when the watch is returned for its next battery, if the watch is deemed to be faulty and requires a service, then this is not covered under the battery guarantee.

Don’t go to Timpsons

Offering free battery replacements for life is not manchestfr to watch batteries and you can buy a car battery with a lifetime guarantee from Halfords. Yes — usually every week. For most people there are not many specialist watch repairers around.


Originally Posted by asteclaru. Originally Posted by ralphy. When a work colleague bought a Monster from Creation Watches I sized that for him too, never looked back since when it comes to sizing Bracelets and sized a Citizen Calibre soon after that also has a Collar type Bracelet but the Collars are in the centre Links opposed to the end like the Monster!

I’m afraid I have to stick up for them, all of their guys I’ve encountered are generally hardworking, skilled people. I do an awful lot of my own brickwork, plastering, joinery, electrical work, plumbing, computer building, use custom operating systems etc etc.

He had a bad experience and shared it. He got busy with his specialist tools, popped in a new battery, and handed it back in under 10 minutes. It all depends what the last monkey who handled the watch has done. Timpsons once sold me some very nice Cherry Blossomthey were good at that! I’m really not sure why people get so upset about sharing experiences. I don’t think he’s painting them with one brush. At least you didn’t take a gold Cartier in to have the bracelet resized The cost of replacing your watch battery will depend on the watch.

Some Swarovski tepair can have quite tight case backs and are likely to be scratched by an inexperienced watch repairer this does depend on the model though. My suggestion would be to find a watch repairer with a good reputation and ensure it is resealed.

I am not wanting to put watchmakers or anyone else out of business but think it is valuable to learn new skills. She was working part time while her children were young. If the tipmson to all of these questions is yes, how long mancchester it take and what is the charge. Originally Posted by Dan Originally Posted by Rodder. Some jewellers might have one on the premises but most jewellers could not really be described as specialists these days and are mainly concerned with selling a wide range of goods that includes clocks and watches.


I don’t blame the staff, I blame the customers. Vote in our poll Commuters: Originally Posted by Chewy.

Complain for change: don’t be embarrassed to say ‘no’

They are cobblers and key cutters are they not? The digital part may start working properly once the circuit board has dried properly but that maybe wishful thinking. Thank goodness there’s a half decent old watch shop up the road. Its a Daytime Rose Gold Plated model number So, all I needed to do was get a new battery installed.

I hope this helps. You do have to question the intelligence of somebody who believes that Timpsons can supply a lifetime of power in a silver oxide cell and nobody else can though. Yes, you had a poor experience and the guy was a plum for probably not even listening to your warning – bit unfair to paint them all with one brush though. So, how much did the man over the counter ask me to pay? Took my new Seiko Monster into a jewellers today to have the bracelet resized.

Would you ask for an eye test in an estate agents? Poor battery fitting can easily cause this problem and the customer is usually completely unaware of it and has no recourse. A simple battery change on a Timex or Casio digital maybe but anything else is asking for trouble.

Hello everyone, my wife has a Swarovski watch and the timpsob needs replacing. If I had an expensive watch Manchsster would probably rely on a recommendation from the manufacturer.

Having said that I have seen some of them carry out some awful work or turn down repairs that should be carried out easily. Then and only then I looked at the packaging I wouldn’t take my shoes anywhere near them let alone a watch

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