After reading both, create a graphic organizer comparing and contrasting the two works. LIsten to the man who reads “The Landlady. It may be a hard project to do if it is simply an abstract idea inside of your head. Since there are four literature pairs making up the four sections of the entire unit, teachers should plan on spending at least an entire month teaching the unit. The next story takes place in England, at a World Heritage site. I have taken one pair, “Raymond’s Run” and “Harlem,” to show how the unit should work.

This biographical picture book examines the life of the first man to photograph snowflakes. Never force students to share their journals. Shel Silverstein’s poetry provides endless possibilities for this section of the unit. The score is tied, and the coaches, as well as every player, are sweating buckets of nervous perspiration. All ACS middle school students have a part in this concert, and should be wearing white and black for the event white on top, black on the bottom. You probably thought, “Hmmm To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above.

It would be a great place to start an autobiography. A must read for all writers. All architecture must be completed within certain guidelines, as the buildings are cotmier old. One very famous short story, “The Landlady,” takes place in Bath, England.

This excellent collection of literature is the textbook we use at our school.


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How does it make you feel? All ACS middle school students have a part in this concert, and should be wearing white and black for the event white on top, black on the bottom. The journal entries should be quite interesting and fun to share.

All white and black must meet the ACS dress code.

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Have a suggestion to improve this page? Yet, he realizes that life is short. Students make connections, take critical stances and are able to think past the literal interpretation that so often characterizes traditional assessment. Think of all the stories those uncomfortable places could tell!

Small Group Discussion Worksheet. The Research Process Steps List. Henry also uses a good deal of both symbolism and imagery. He likes to drive his father’s Le Mans, he has a girlfriend and he has grown a moustache.

robedt Criteria of a Good Summary. Since I teach at an Arts Magnet school I will also be incorporating artwork into the beginning and ending of each section of the unit. Complete the accompanying written assignments: Students will be asked to reflect in their journals and share their reflections with the class.

Use the scoring rubric in the appendix for scoring the project. What happens to us when we are transported to a place where we don’t really belong or we feel lost? Insert a link to a new page. Of course the older you are the more complicated your map will be.


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Dance, visual arts, photography, film and architecture can all be used to make that leap, to move from the printed page to the mind, to help children live literature.

Before beginning ask students to jot down the images comier really strike them. What is it that makes being in that setting or place uncomfortable for us?

Ask them to put themselves into one of the frosty scenes they have just entered. A nice way to close this section of the unit would be to allow students to create a winter landscape.

When i introduce this topic i use this teh graphic organizer to help students organize the information you will be emailed a link to the biochemistry boxing activity lesson plan and receive weekly post updates the lesson plan includes: Emphasize how and why authors are able to use setting for shaping of mood and readers’ and characters’ feelings.

James Van Der Zee: There are plenty of images available to teachers via the web. What’s Up In Class?!

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