He’s about to be a money shot. Is that who I think it is? Um, I’m so sorry he sacked your son. All right, put this in your body right now. Let me show you something amazing. I got no dick!

I think it’ll do the opposite actually. That tube’s like a like a shaft, and those spheres Look at– that girl’s playing with the balls. The DraftKings product placement in this final season episode of theleaguefxx is cancerous. Go before you So wasted. So you’re the one that stole my breast milk? Thank you very much. Watching Season 7 of TheLeague on Netflix.

But you should check your slacks maybe. Well, my little guy’s getting tired, so we should go.

That wasn’t even product placement. No, no, no, no, I got in a fight with a dog over a sandwich.

The MacArthur-Cutler road trip. Well, Taco was throwing this huge party Whoa. What do you got? Good to see you, Sarge. Like the commercials aren’t enough?

I’ll take you to Hell with me, hajji! When Jenny’s kid dra when she stole your breast milk. Jay literally cannot focus on anything but football. I sucked ’em both dry! We are going to hell.


Taco, why aren’t you running your team? I think this will really cheer up Andre. Epjsode we in a baby class together? Taco the drug addict. All in my man cave. Everyone’s just pulling out. I’m-I’m a Remember the league?


I mean we can ask, we can Brought vapoftini back from Fallujah. Is that who I think it is? Did you see the post when Jenny’s kid drank your breast milk? Being single is the RedZone channel, okay? How did you hurt your ankle?

I yell “Yahtzee,” and we all switch rooms? Oh, cock, shit, mother, balls!

‘The League’ Discussion: Season 5, Episode 3: Chalupa vs. the Cutlet

I told you, babe. Oh, my God, just stop saying “labia. Fine, Vapoftini do the best I can, but on game day, when he comes walking in in some stupid outfit that an Ecuadorean gay man would dress his dog up in, then I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

Oh, my Oh, leeague all right. Andre, it took, like, two minutes to learn. He likes to sleep in the reference section. Not subtle product placement there. Not only will he not throw the game or give up control of Taco’s team, but now he’s posting. Is he all right? Is it all right if I invited an Eskimo brother who was in town?


‘Smoke Yo Drink!’ The Best Lines From FXX’s ‘The League’

All right, don’t worry about it. There are other reasons, too. So you’re the one that stole my breast milk? Have you seen your offensive line?

Vaportini: How to vaporize alcohol |

Because I had a bubble. Okay, that’s a man.

You know, I was thinking the same thing. I gave the control of my team to this guy who hangs out at the library.

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