Mom to a kid and sometimes my mom. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Why bringing your personal energy to work is important The importance of achieving a sense of community in your work. March 14, Computer Desk Cleanup — Oops! For the latest installment of their web-based series, Sisters , Brooklyn-based comedy group the Kloons have enlisted Keith Richards and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones to provide the voices of two young women. A little about You Tube — in You Tube launched its partner program which allowed video makers to monetize their content on the platform. I like the funnies in life.

Taking the banal and making is hilarious is an art form. The Kloons are YouTube comedy masters. No one ever accused me of being rational. Elaine Burke is managing editor of Siliconrepublic. How many people could live on Earth? They agree that it’s time to leave the city and “hit the road. There are five episodes of this series. League of Ireland teams establish major national e-sports tournament Just what Pinterest users were pining for:

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These sketches are only several minutes long, but if your sense of humor is a little off, they will have you collapsing in laughter. By Annie SwingenJuly 18, sistrs Top Rolling Stones Songs. Check out these 6 reads on burnout. I like the funnies in life.

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The Kloons Bring You More Hilarious Lip-Synced ‘Sisters’ Videos

Mom to a kid and sometimes my mom. At HomeKnowing. Celebrating Ordinary Characters in Books. Visit A Sharp Eye’s profile on Pinterest.


California: Sisters {The Kloons} Episode 4

Taking the banal and making is hilarious is an art form. Are you ready for tonight? Reinvent what tomorrow looks like today.

Archives the real bonkers stuff Find me on Facebook. I also would like to see these sassy shoes mom and auntie were discussing.

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Hot off the presses! How many people could live on Earth? The Kloons are YouTube comedy klons.

The Kloons Return With a Third Episode of ‘Sisters’ in This Hilarious Lip Synced Video

I really want to be friends with these bros. In this episode, they discuss earrings worn by Scandal star Kerry Washingtonan upcoming trip to a Renaissance fair and hip replacement. AI in the Workplace: Where employment law meets artificial intelligence. The video is embedded above. ALL Want to know how to stand out in sieters job interview?

The Kloons are YouTube comedy masters

That’s intercut with the two of them talking about the Stones, including their famous tongue-and-lips logo, Mick Jagger’s thhe and whether or not Keith’s last name is Richards or Richardson. The Friday Bulletin February 22, Please visit our Privacy Policy page for more information about cookies and how we use them.

League of Ireland teams establish major national e-sports tournament Just what Pinterest users were pining for: Sisters involves Mitch Lewis and Nik Kazoura acting out and lip-syncing conversations between Nik’s mother and his aunt on a variety of topics.


A Duet Between Friends. Why society needs to get smarter about smartphones Safer Internet Day What can we learn from French labour laws? The series has only seen four episodes so far, but each is better than the last. Which countries get the most value for money out of Netflix? My oldest daughter introduced me to The Kloons and I have been enjoying their videos enormously.

Use this infographic to improve your memory at work How to overcome a fear of failure and asking for help Feeling frayed?

Chicago Cubs news and comprehensive blog, featuring old school baseball writing combined with the latest statistical trends. Unlocking the potential of biology for patients. Read these ChicagoNow Bloggers. Calling all PhD researchers: The camera pans down to two girls having coffee, where the distinctive voices of Jagger and Richards come out of their mouths. The Friday Bulletin February 15, Why is Ireland going for lowest age for digital consent? You May Also Like. Follow Swirleytime on twitter swirleytime and Facebook for interesting stories, links and a lot of self-deprecating humor.

An analytical mind is helpful. These are mundane, everyday conversations but when lip synced by two men, they become hilarious.

Talk about what you want to know, not just what you know now.

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