He visits Young-do next, and apologizes for having to come to him for a business matter at a time like this. Her eyes widen when she alights on pictures inside an envelope. Even if somebody goes with her, can’t she get to security and ask for help? What other love is there than that? He is also somewhat powerful as the President of the company. LMH’s acting really improved a lot, especially in the last few episodes.

I didn’t like him at first but now, I wish he had someone who loved him back. Blame LMH’s acting then! Too little too long. When I see a discrepancy between a drama’s subs and Javabeans recap I always assume Mizzz Beans’ translation is the more accurate. I tend to like to focus on 1 or 2 dramas, since it is time consuming for me to watch them my method, that is. This is perhaps the worst drama I’ve ever seen – I love some of supporting characters, but how could the main character’s have been written so badly? Add to these points her obvious desire to produce polished and accurate works. I agree, there’s a lot of things that remains to be explained in this drama but it looks like the audience are going be left filling in the blanks for themselves because I doubt the writers are going to do it.

I really felt for Won, but that was what he had wanted all along, and he had not been nice to HJ, so in the end, I kind of didn’t dramabenas too bad for him. Eun Sang asks to leave early today and asks Young Do to give her a ride home. I am not too fond of jeirs, unless the acting is good, and I like the actors and actresses, and the story.

I finally came to the conclusion that it was not for me, even though I liked most of the sound tracks. Tan goes back to his empty apartment, and takes down the dreamcatcher.

I don’t think any of the actors are regretting their decisions in starring in this drama – this drama gave everyone a lift in their careers and definitely made everyone more famous and well-known apart from LMH and PSH of course because they were already big.


Was it because he wanted her to like him romantically and he knew it would not happen? I want my 0: The problem is that Dad is just crazy at this point, taking up the role of blanket villain. Would ES dramabeqns had to teach him what’s it like damabeans actually work for your money etc? Mom Mother Mistress refers to the confusing maternal titles in the Chairman’s household and all under the same roof- “Mother” – his father’s first wife and Won’s mother, who is also the principal at Chaebol High; Mom – his biological mother and his father’s mistress whose status in the household is rather compromised and complicated for Tan.

Recap: The Heirs Episode 16

I think KES has a problem with women especially strong women. He’s the cause of all the misery his family suffers. But since Tan missed school today, my schoolwork is a mess. I definitely think it was because he saw how self destructive Tan became. So Won is taken aback to realize how far gone his brother is, and tries to talk to their father, which is like trying to reason with a brick wall with spikes. Tan comes and asks Won to look dramabexns him.

August – I liked the way you related the lyrics to the different couples. And with the white pages of paper in front of them still blank, in episod we hear their individual thoughts:.

And then he sits next to Eun-sang, who asks what it was he wished for on his birthday. Personally, I think this episode especially epiosde a lot of hidden emotions. After all, Chairman Dad did not create Jeguk, and whoever takes over can rewrite the story their way.

I agree with the short skirt. For some reason, I missed seeing HJ, though I do know that she does not heits that big of a role in this drama.


Heirs: Episode 16 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

She truly seemed desperate and powerless. MS was a nice surprise to beat his parents!

Tan asks YD to hold ES for him, take her to school and bring her back here to the studio after. Also i want to see PSH in different role not the candy type heroine. I had no feelings one way or the other about KES, but i have to say given we’re 2 episodes from the ending, the writer left a lot on the table that she could have developed and made this drama so much more interesting.

Won is talking to Yoon about the Tan news. He sort of hopes he still has chance with her. It ensures goodwill and success for the auction. I think there is still hope for Tan and Young Do. I have 2 notebooks full of notes based on dramas I have watched. Young Do is basically Heung Soo now, with bang and all.

Was it just me or was Tan’s dad’s acceptance of their relationship kind of random and bleh.

Rachelle November 27, at 9: Look heird at old episode thread discussions, episkde you’ll see many Bromance jokes. So does she want to be with him or not? Seriously, would anyone wait all those years to see their son? Tan’s dad is a grade A jerk-face, he wouldn’t listen to his mom, who is as much a slave to dad as Tan himself is, and there’s no Eun-sang to reign him in. And from now on, my first love.

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