Maybe the animators are set on the continued destruction of the American society by contributing to the massive distribution of misinformation?!? That’s right, kids, when the farmer’s away, the moo-cows and oink-oinks come out to play like frat boys on the Strip. Now the real question should be – If a male had female parts, would he actually leave his room???? Has no one, at any point in the production of either the movie or the TV show ever pointed this out to the animators? Just to note though, there are just a few scenes where younger children might be a bit frightened, but it’s not enough where you should not take them to see this. Find all posts by Pixilated.

The cows looked remarkably similar to the cows in the The Far Side comics. The crassness of the image, which we can assume was entirely unintentional, pales in comparison to the sad vulgarity of its characters and story. In this movie, one cow who is basically the leader of the Barnyard dies, and being put in charge after his death is his son who is a complete party animal and couldn’t run anything. Last edited by Spoke; at Find all posts by Tristan. Find all posts by Ruffian.

My sons, ages 6 and 9 were bored and I took a nap. The look is appealingly old-fashioned at first, luridly colorful and surreally deep, as hte looked at through a View-Master. Han still shot first.

Not long into the film, Ben is attacked by a band of villainous coyotes, really scruffy sickos of the type favored by CBS police procedurals. Brown Eyed Girl Guest.

Why do the male cows on the new Barnyard movie have udders? OK, first of all, I love how many branyard reviewers here cannot get past the fact that the male characters are cows with udders, but they readily accept the fact that they haave, walk upright, grasp with their hooves, and so on.

Find all posts by Little Nemo. Seizure Led to FloJo’s Death. Now I don’t know what to do. I am referring to a pack of coyotes attacking “Ben,” the father character seen early in the movie, and literally killing him. Maybe it’s a censorship thing. Pit of the Peach State Posts: If they put a male part their instead wouldn’t that be worse? Not all bulls have horns.


Why do the male cows in the movie Barnyard have udders?

te And – not only is the music excellent, the visuals are outstanding. That includes partying all night in a literal barn dance, ice surfing off a tall mountain with his idiot friends, or going for a joyride and “boy-tipping” with some “Jersey cows. So many dead inner children My seven-and-a-half-year-old daughter says it’s because, “it’s just a show and it doesn’t really matter. I maybe chuckled twice.

Google Answers: utters on male cows in Barnyard

At one point they even use their nut-sacks as cudgels to beat the crap out of some police in riot gear. I would think think that the modeling of two suspended spheres would be relatively straightforward. Yeah, we know there’s no such thing, but it’s just a darn movie, dang. The inconsistency with which udders appear is said to have resulted from a mid-production change in plans, but there’s no cite for this.

I don’t know if I was more insulted or disgusted by all of the stupidities added in this film. This was a Nickelodeon Production and it would have been better if they had released it on the t. Ok, the 13 year old dog on crutches was funny. I do agree with that person that it was unnecessary to show drunkenness as being fun. Find all posts by Nametag. Just to note though, there are just a few scenes where younger children might be a bit frightened, but it’s not enough where you should not take them to see this.

And, as has been pointed out, horns are not gender specific in cattle although a bull’s horns are generally going to be longer and thicker than a cow’s. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more.

We demand hormones and surgery to become comfortable in our own hides. Of course, no one expects a movie like this to be realistic, its a cartoon nave talking animals, but, it just looks weird for bulls to have udders to the point that I was distracted by it while watching the film with my daughter.


If Otis is a male cow why does he have udders.Only female cows have udders.

Originally Posted by Ruffian So they did it on purpose to be funny. Whenever we see him after that, he’s golfing, parasailing, strapping on one of those funny hats that double as drink holders and watching sports on TV. I find it irritating to the point of distraction that the male cows have udders. The much-discussed cross-gender, udder-enhanced bulls only hint at the parade of dubious marvels to be found within this marketing opportunity.

This movie, especially in the beginning, provides almost nonstop laughs, the kind uddwrs adults were laugh at probably more than kids would. It drives me nuts when my fows have the show on. NE Ohio the ‘burbs Posts: Did the drawbacks of featuring a female lead so outweigh the benefits of cow protagonism that a mass species sex-change was required in order for the project to go forward? Find all posts by Alessan. The grand kids love it, quote it, and ask to see it every time they are at our house.

Because udders are just inherently funny looking? My 4 year old had us leave after 45 minutes.

The female is cow or heifer. Oh it’s not THAT difficult.

Visit The Hamster King’s homepage! Many female cows do. In this case, the son is a party-hardy heifer who blows off responsibility in favor of a good time. His relationship with a new bovine, Daisy Courtney Cox – who’s about to give birth – also proves to be a major complication. Page 1 of 2. I really, really wish they had spent a little more money on character design, on rendering, on a script, on a director.

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