Available to Stream Watch on. The Amazing Spiez 3 Seasons TV-Y7 A sibling team of spies travel the world on dangerous international missions while also going through the motions of everyday family life at home. At the same time, the Spiez’s snoopy aunt comes to their house and finds Megan’s diary containing information about their missions. Add to watchlist Mark as seen Add to favorites. The Curse of Oak Island 2. In the B-story, Lee gets a job at Siber Smoothie and has to create his own smoothie. Sherry Lewis Jerry’s sister Note: Operation Shrubbery 8 years ago.

Sharky, a top real estate agent, decides to eliminate his competition by selling them his Condos. Use dmy dates from September It is up to the Spiez to stop these animals. Season 2, Episode 10 Operation Tami Trouble. Jerry then erases her memory about her discovery before they go home. Mandy” from Totally Spies! In the end all six Clarks are captured, and the four kids are sent into space. On the B-story story, Tony wants a date to get respect.

When the kids come late home, Trudy sees them and touches a serum that makes her a spy-sassin. Then they are called for a mission to investigate strange occurrences in Dubaiinvolving buildings and other structures breaking down.

Chameleon Leon 1 Error: They bring their parents in and restore their past memories. Tony gets caught up in his fame.

On the B-story story, Tony wants a date to get respect. Operation Jolty Juice Ep 11 Jul 13, Views Read Edit View history. Stony Falcon [Renamed ‘Snowy’ Falcon] 2. When agent Britney from Totally Spies! Later, Megan goes missing after getting her new skateboard that she will use to show her brothers that she can skate. Chameleon Leon returns in Mission No. As if keeping their identities was not hard enough, the Spiez also have to deal with Tami’s newspaper column “Tami Talk” which is dragging all spieez their names down, smazing for Lee’s, because Tami has a crush on him.


To keep an eye on him, the Spiez are invited to be thhe his Spy show, with the guidance of their parents who think they won a contest. Eventually they manage to stop Jerry 2. The cards turn out to be clues.

The Spiez are sent to investigate the disappearances, but find themselves facing a shark. Principal Shield and the Students. Operation Astronuts 6 years ago.

This page was episods edited on 17 Februaryat There, the Spiez are attacked by clowns.

The Amazing Spiez (Season 2) 1st August Video Watch – video dailymotion

Weather patterns begin to go haywire and cause snow all over the world. Slick Mick tries to escape the Spiez and then is stopped by Tony and his yo-yo gadget. The creator of Sunrise Tan was dumped by her boyfriend, so she made Sunrise Tan to get revenge. When epixode return home the boys are taken camping, leaving Megan behind.

Retrieved from ” https: This episode was reference of the American television series CSI: Davey Hacker 3 Note: At the end of the episode it has a close-up of Marc’s aamzing before he dives, there is another Marc standing next to them when Marc is on the diving board.


She now plans to eliminate the Spiez.

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Operation Scary Jerry 2 8 years ago. Lee and Marc try to stop Termitator and Tony and Megan go to the lab to try to eliminate a crazy machine. In the B-story, Tony starts to like Clover when she calls him cute. The Spiez discover she is trying to combine her DNA with plants, but this poses no threats as Brathwaite spkez no money to fund her research.

Available to Stream Watch on. Megan and Marc go to the Chauncy’s house, where they and the Chauncy are dragged by the plants and dragged in plant vases, ghe plants were the head of the attacks, they get out of there and plan to defeat them.

Mel escapes from WOOHP prison and is now out to get the Spiez by making all the adults drink juice that gives them childish behavior. The Spiez investigate and discover that a human projectile man who loves to do stunts is troble the Techammer labs, because the company used him and his stunts in videogames without giving him credit.

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