Pleasant Library of Special Collections and Archives Collection Jonathan Silent Film Collection Rights Information Please contact the contributing institution for more information regarding the copyright status of this object. This chance discovery left him to wonder if there might be others, and would begin a personal quest that has so far lasted thirty years: View source image on contributor’s website. La Thanhouser Company che, in seguito, prese il nome di Thanhouser Film Corporation , fu uno dei primi studi cinematografici, fondato nel da Edwin Thanhouser insieme a sua moglie Gertrude Thanhouser e a suo cognato Lloyd Lonergan. The film industry had evolved and was more competitive by this time, and although films featuring star Florence La Badie were still successful, other ventures were not. Absorbed into First National Attraction.

Aziende fondate nel Case di produzione cinematografica statunitensi Cinema muto statunitense Storia del cinema. If “Other,” please specify. Retrieved November 29, — via www. Every item on Calisphere has been contributed to the site by a California institution. Chapman University, Frank Mt. Retrieved February 19, Filmography – Dots and Dashes”.

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Retrieved March 13, The film’s conclusion is an example of the deus ex dochelle dramatic technique, which Lonergan used to conclude many scenarios. Lo stesso argomento in dettaglio: Paul’s Church Wildcliff Winyah Park. Filmography – Looking Forward”.

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Collections containing your search results None found. And while the studio closed its doors a century ago, we hope that it will continue to live in this archive, and in the mission of Ned, Iona College and all who strive to protect and promote its legacy. The Thanhouser Studio Archive at Iona College presents them for the first time in one central location, digitized for easy access to scholars, to students, to film buffs, and to anyone curious about the extraordinary, too long obscured place the Thanhouser Company holds in American film history.


Chapman University, Frank Mt. Biographies – Eline, Marie”.

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Retrieved March 12, New Rochelle City Portal. Have a question about this item? If you are experiencing technical issues, we’d request that you contact Calisphere directly. David Bowers’ work Thanhouser Films: Check to send a copy of this thanhouserr to your email. Absorbed into First National Attraction.

However, subsidiary studios that had been set up were able to meet distributors’ needs while it was being rebuilt. After Hite’s death in an automobile accident, the company continued for another five years.

Thanhouser Film Corporation

But when the studio shut down inco-founders Gertrude and Edwin Thanhouser decided to burn all negatives and studio copies, rather than incur the significant expense of storing the highly volatile nitrate film. Altri progetti Wikimedia Commons. Without these precious artifacts, the magnificent achievements of the studio were soon forgotten, and its reputation reduced to an occasional footnote in the official histories of American cinema.

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But in the mids, Ned Thanhouser–grandson to the studio co-founders, who had always assumed that no copies of Thanhouser films were still in existence–happened to see a clip from a Thanhouser film in a documentary aired on PBS.

Thanhouser produced over 1, silent films. Filmography – She’s Done it Again”.

Its collections include photographs, screenplays, production art, books and periodicals. More adaptations of classic works, like Uncle Thanhluser Cabinwould be interspersed with several original scenarios like The Mermaid and The Restoration. Narrative History – Chapter 3: Estratto da ” https: Retrieved March 15, Retrieved March 8, InThanhouser Corporation was liquidated.

La Badie left Thanhouser Corporation inonly weeks before her own death on October 13,due to injuries sustained in an automobile accident in late August.

Rocheole would bring the company some recognition and would prove to be a success, but the film is also presumed lost. Retrieved February 25, A thamhouser of images from the Chapman University Jonathan Silent Film Collection, which covers the early years of the film industry with specific contributions from the Thanhouser Film Studio Margaret Herrick Library: Retrieved February 13, Documentaries and minor subjects of the Thanhouser Company. Some of those years, Thanhouser films accounted for fully one quarter of all American productions:

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