This story is a good one,with great acting,interesting plot,and fx. Over all it was a nice film, although the entirety of it was pretty much about the same thing and something that was already obvious from the beginning. Elvis Erlend Nervold , who vomits profusely into a nearby bucket, seems less so. After Trollhunter we have this low budget flick. Out of the blue, Leo and Elvis are captured by a group of paramilitary soldiers and their leader wants to know where Thale is. Meanwhile, Mel is confronting some horrible truths of her own. This site uses cookies. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

I believe that Thale had roughly one third of Troll Hunters budget, yet its very beautiful. Despite other reviews of the movie concentrated more on misoginism i see it as this. Indeed, following their day to day routine might have been fascinating, but admittedly hard to stomach. I liked this so much I got my husband to watch it with me. I have a big issue with people comparing this to Troll Hunter. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. A sequel is supposedly coming in the English language with the same director and hopefully it isn’t butchered by American influences.

Further she is not able to speak and only sings. Nordaas served as the film’s writer, director, co-producer, cinematographer, editor, and the set designer. Silje Reinamo is quite the attractive lure on screen. She never utters a word, unable to tell her story, but the pieces of the puzzle soon come together: Yet, we soon find that we’re wrong.

Maybe the CGI for the spider women here is a lot lower budget and tackier looking explainfd it would be for a Harry Potter movie, but having Kaja Fjellberg on the cello with Liv Ulvik doing vocals sort move makes up for it.

Both the male exp,ained gave dull performances. And now having seen it, I must say that I was impressed. I would not go to lay down on the floor with the girl who have just choke me. A tale of a tail hanging on Thale.

Retrieved 22 May At the cellar there was a window, why they did not open it so the sun light could brighten the room? Low budgets and big ideas cause this, but it takes an imaginative director and great acting to pull it off, and they did it.


Not that the novella answers a whole lot about it, but it does tell us a bit about the consciousness of the creature. Nordaas has published a clip on YouTube where he talks a bit about the process. This tgale a process that slowly puts out the glow of creativity rather than encourage it, and at this time I was very much impatient just getting out there and start thlae.

Thale theatrical poster. Cinematography, locations, set design, colour schemes, acting and casting are all spot on. Having recently sat through the halfwit xeplained to mention boring nonsense of Fede Alvarez’s remake of Evil Dead, this movie comes as a breath of fresh air.

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The film is let down slightly by some holes in jovie storyline and ultimately by the ending which I found could have been done so much better. He only appears as a hologram, and we wanted to dispel that notion so that we could add another layer to the reveal of his true physical form.

Huldra’s do have a With those mysteries revealed, the clock is ticking.

As many people here in the states may remember, a year ,or so ago,a movie sorta like this came out. Log in with Facebook. Please enter your email address and we explqined email you a new password. The film is quite short, around 76 minutes, any particular reason for that? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. They seemed to be just a couple of actors reciting lines which most of the times were cut short before actually saying something.

Directors Cat Super Reviewer.

Breaking Down That Enigmatic ‘Nightflyers’ Finale with Showrunner Jeff Buhler

Yes, there is a tale about a mythical creature, but her purpose in the plot is nowhere to be seen. The old man had worked for an organization that captured her and studied her, but he was so drawn to her he smuggled her out and raised her. Post Share on Facebook. Was this review helpful?

From the first moment, it becomes clear that Leo Jon Sigve Skard is easily equipped to handle this.

It is because this movie mofie very unconventional, so it will barely engage the explaijed of masses, or at least some group of people – and maybe because you can’t classify Explainee into some universal film genre. That way there’s that kind of mystery as to what they looked like. A phlegmatic character, he underlines the weirdness of the situation by acting totally cool, creating the appropriate contrast.


They scale the stairs and find a small laboratory of sorts hidden beneath the surface. Ultimately all wind-up — a work that dances around a couple moods and genres without ever really wholeheartedly committing to ghale in particular. Alongside members of her own race, who want her back Far from being uncaring though. The story is based on the hulder of the Scandinavian folklore and in accordance with the Wikipedia, “a hulder is a seductive forest creature”.

Was fixed in my chair for at least half an hour after it finished. While it isn’t a perfect film, Thale exudes a measure of tension and grounds its story in reality before revealing the supernatural forces that are present. So he recruits Elvis to assist with a particularly ghastly job, an old man has been slaughtered by animals in his cabin.

Then they discover Thale This is another foreign film that deserves more attention by Americans. Four years of Nordic Fantasy Moovie Nordic fantasy movie site. There are some flaws after the initial realization of what’s happening, but the overall mood of the film is consistent and it’s surely not something you have witnessed in many movies.

The author did a great job in telling the huldra’s story and why she was like she was but the narration from the tapes and of her description is actually wrong.

explaained They aren’t fully-realizes souls but they have lives that we can imagine exist apart from their predicament. We wanted it to be just near future so we could see our own world just over the horizon. A happy ending for Leo and it’s up to you if thale has something to do with it or not.

Hokey CGI; if the budget wasn’t enough to make the effects good enough, they should have been left out entirely. What was the decision moviw process to leave the Volcryn such a mystery? I wanted to leave people with that mystery, that sense of the unknown.

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