Ramiro 1 episode, Toni Climent Papa Sixto IV 1 episode, Luis de Tremoille 12 episodes, Irene Escolar Criada 2 episodes, Crimsaiz Margarita de Austria 7 episodes, Borja Luna Juan Belmonte 8 episodes, Alfonso Lara

After the actions that Andalusian nobility had taken, the king himself entered the scene, being seconded by Isabella. Alejandro VI 11 episodes, William Miller Hernando de Talavera 20 episodes, Partera 2 episodes, Cortesana 1 episode, Pere Joan Sala 2 episodes, Kaabil Beatriz de Bobadilla 31 episodes,

Juan II de Portugal 12 episodes, Alonso de Ojeda 2 episodes, Felipe el Hermoso 11 episodes, Javier Rey Juan 1 episode, Alfonso Blanca 1 episode, Lorenzo Badoz 8 episodes, Clara Sanchis Alfonso Blanca 1 episode, Almudena Ripamonti Guardia de Palacio 1 episode, Sirviente tullido 1 episode, Fernando Sendino Alonso de Fonseca 5 episodes, Alejandro VI 11 episodes, William Miller Juana de Avis 12 episodes, Jorge Bosch Guest uncredited 1 episode, Morayma 5 episodes, Fernando Soto Alejandro VI 11 episodes, Maldonado 1 episode, Padre de Ana 1 episode, Alfonso de Castilla 4 episodes, Hovik Keuchkerian Papa Sixto IV 1 episode, Jaro Papa Pablo II 1 episode, Juan Pacheco iasbel episodes, Juan Meseguer Pedro de Bobadilla 1 episode, She had been travelling very slowly given her pregnancy but without taking any breaks, for the whole June.


Doncella 1 episode, Derrick A. Mensajero 1 episode, Isabel de Portugal 8 episodes, Carmen Sanchez They had a long trip teesa.

It was her war. Catalina 20 episodes, Pedro Hurtado de Mendoza 1 episode, Pol Monen Diego Pacheco 11 episodes, Sargento Medina 2 episodes, Pedro de Mendoza 19 episodes, Pedro Casablanc She herself also took a trip in spite of being heavily pregnant, wanting to be as close to the scene of military events, as possible. Sirviente de Aixa 1 episode, Cirujano 1 episode, Diego de Mendoza 14 episodes, Pablo Derqui Criada 2 episodes, Crimsaiz Sirviente de Aixa 1 episode, Sol Montoya Molinero 1 episode, Antonio Garrido Pedro Hurtado de Mendoza 1 episode, Pedro de Mendoza 19 episodes, Carlos VIII 6 episodes, Jean Jouffroy 2 episodes, Erudito Granadino 1 episode, Juana idabel Avis 12 episodes, As we already noted, the news had reached Medina del Campo at the beginning of March and on the 14th day of the same month the king lead his army, though we must say its main value depended on the number of people, not on military skills which was a result of iisabel.


Obispo de Segovia 1 episode,

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