I once dared to say that I not only liked but thought Fukada Kyoko did a great acting job and was extremely attractive in Friends…. I keep thinking of that scene on the boat with Nao more about it below when he tells her his dreams are to get his shop into a better shape, and have lots of kids he’d make an awesome Dad and play baseball. Hiroto still wanted Nao, and I guess that was why he was SO pissed off. Aside from Hiroto, Ayuta was prolly my fave. Doramas en el A1. Drama ; Romance ;. Not that I’m complaining I guess xO.

You take the classic theme of Young Love and crossbreed it with another romance paradigm, that of Forbidden Love — with its generous sprinkling of meddling relations, class tensions and social incompatibility — and crown it all with the great blood-red cherry of Life-threatening Illness. I remember it every time I see Yamapi in this pic since then, hahahaha: When the universe conspires to drive a wedge between young lovers — whether it does this through human interference, sickness or sudden death, it almost always succeeds. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: ROFL to tha max! I understand Bu-jo without the need for words, thank you very much. I have thoroughly enjoyed your write up!

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I need to read your reaction if any. Anyways, dying for my THnK to dramw, come to me, my pretty…. First the French Open, now Halle.

The two boys did carry it off well, so thanks for pointing me to the video! I love how Aki tried so hard to keep the true nature of his mother from him, but he found out and Add the first question. With Hiroto, he had plenty of opportunities to confess his feelings to Nao. Although, it got good star ratings on Gooddrama.

One permutation in particular strikes a deep and vibrant chord in all of us. I want someone to squee with about it. I am watching the series with English subtitles and I’m already having trouble picking up the names of the characters. How far in are you?


The boy can certainly rise to the occasion and allow his dramatic talent to shine given good material and expert direction. Doramas en el A1. Besides all that, Kame has a reputation for being ambitious and pushy and demanding and all that Type-A stuff. Not missing that drama for the world. Does something so insignificant and petty change the way that Hiroto feels about Nao?

dangermousie | Tatta Hitotsu No Koi: Episode 6. Heartbreaking and delicate and glorious

Whether that love relationship you had at twenty works out or not, is of lesser consequence than the fact that it happened at all, and that it changed your life — hopefully for the better. A down-on-his-luck dancer falls in love with a unhappy teacher at an all girls school. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Search for ” Tatta hitotsu no koi ” on Amazon. His only respite from the daily grind of life are the illicit fishing jaunts that he and his two blue-collar buddies from high school, Ayuta Hiraoka Yuta and Ko Tanaka Kokiregularly pull off at a nearby power plant where the nutrient-rich waters teem with fish.

I love that it. I have it on rrama right now. For this no longer becomes a simple case of class incompatibility, because now they start to feel the heat from both families. Full Cast and Crew. Was this review helpful to you? No Gheyboi Kame in sight-o!!!!!!!!! She notices him staring, which creeps her out a little loland the look of alarm that mars her composure draws cokl little half-smile out of him which in turn made my poor toes curl so violently they nearly broke off, ouchy!

I love and hate Ko here. She’s once again pouting because she lost her contact and the guy tries to find it. Well, like I said, you can find practically everything over there.

drama: tatta hitotsu no koi

But Tokyo Cinderella Story had me dreaming rich dudes all during my teen years. So I pointed out that many people in Japan must feel differently since she is constantly employed as a lead actress. Was just thinking about this drama while I was struggling to get through YamaNade.


Subscribe Subscribe to DramaCool mailing list to receive updates on anime and news. Bordered on pr0n to me oh but then you haven’t seen pr0n till you’ve seen…. Cool whispers drift from the north kii the drzma Yet you warm my heart for we hold the light The land must fade from green into white Hush my heart this love is a fire This love will burn like a fire…. I think he’s my favourite male lead ever right now. Only our Hotaru can make wearing that monstrosity of a wedding dress whilst holding a beer look so sassy, sexy and adorable.

And that brings me to that scene on the boat. I totally understand Hiroto wanting to defend Nao’s honor, but did he really have to grab the blade, really? He’s best known for killing zombies, but Norman Reedus is more into sketch comedy than action when he’s off-set.

The backdrop of the story is Yokohama. Use the HTML below. Can’t get enuff of our favorite boatyard mechanic? Thankfully this is the one time in the entire drama draka the director overdid it. To be honest, I was totally LMAO at how this moment was sucked dry of every last droplet of lovey goo.

The letter was actually an affirmation of how Nao has felt for him throughout all those years. That was a long time ago! He’s a hittosu nerd.

For me, the ending ruined the entire show. The first time I tried to watch it was when it was still airing I thinkbut I never got past the first episode.

It really struck a chord in me ‘coz it was so… real-life. Just think of the scene at the end of ep 5, were Nao runs after him, after he heard her brother tell him he is htiotsu, should leave etc etc.

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