Misfits vs exceL Esports 4 days. Also, while she parries, you have free time to throw a shroom behind her. Just avoid feeding Zed during his power spike level or so. Make sure to keep your blind cooldown for either Tryndamere or the ADC late game. Remember Talon has the ability to jump over some walls now so try not to fight him at the top of the river where he can jump some walls. SK Telecom T1 vs Gen. Both give good sustain and damage, plus an extra slow. Dorans Ring Core vs Irelia:

He’s just even stronger now because of lack of oracles. Ap teemo’s strength comes from mushrooms, the aoe damage and the control they give is great. Dorans Ring Core vs Irelia: Keep me logged in on this device. View all GoT Sites. You need to build tanky at first to survive the initial burst.

Chogath has a ton of sustain from killing creeps, so this ends up being a bit of a tough matchup for Teemo to win.

The mallet and scepter both add decent health, but you want to grab armor or magic items that double up on cooldown reduction. Teemo’s main job past laning phase is being like AD nidalee, split push forever, and have shrooms setup to see anyone coming for you, then run if more than 1 person shows up.

Not a super great option, but can dissuade divers and give you a lot of kiting power. If they focus you, well, all for the better.

[Champion] Teemo

Poke hard and be aggressive pre level 6. This is a somewhat rough atnkmo for Teemo early on, mainly due to risk of ganks. Zed will go after other targets like your mid lane or ADC. Poke him carefully when he is about to last hit, saeson save your blind for if he engages on you.


Guardian Angel is again an all around good item for defensive purposes, especially against mixed damage opponents. Get health with frozen mallet, then get some MR from wits end, zzrot etc.

If you purchase something through a link, this site may earn a small share of the sale. Will update later with images. Always save your blind for if Aatrox jumps on you. What do the stats and attributes do? Flash and Ghost byild teleport Skills: And you can win against any counter. Mid game in lane: Ahri’s total AP ratio for a single rotation with all her spells hovers at a 2.

League of Legends: A strategy guide in perfecting “The Tankmo”

Tanky AD Teemo vs Riven: Sort of an in-between of the other two, my normal build path. If I can afford to go high amounts of damage fast, DeathcapVoid Staffand Hourglass are acceptable options.

AP Teemo vs Riven: This is probably a little biased based on the fact that Kayle’s damage is partially auto-based, but the E max Teemo lost every single trade while the Q max stayed even. Well, Hurricane is much more situational, but nice if you can afford it.

Battle for the Middle Kingdom: He actually does pretty well in those matchups, drives your average Lux crazy. Mid lane is even easier when you’re playing Syndra, Leblanc, or Annie. View all Comics Sites. Try to bait out her parry so you can blind her afterward.

A strategy guide in perfecting “The Tankmo”

These are the tenets of laning Teemo. However keep in mind 1v1 with both players at full HP, if Riven gets on top of you, Teemo will probably lose that fight. Poke him every time he is near a minion. SK Telecom T1 vs Gen. Teemo does great with all the stats, pretty straightforward here.


The ideal way to play this matchup is to poke cho carefully so he has to use his aoe spells to last hit. A good way to use this guide is to quickly read about your opponent during champion select and the loading screen.

Quickly read about your matchup before your game starts to get an advantage! If seasin can blind one or both of bjild Q procs you will do very well.

You’re just on the Teemo hate bandwagon. Always drop at least one shroom in a fight. You can use shrooms for bush vision so you can AA the barrels. Misfits vs Team Vitality 3 days.

Teemo Build Guide : OP!!! Tankmo Top Lane :: League of Legends Strategy Builds

The teamfight thing is mitigated if they blind the right person. Runaans can also be nice when youre ahead. Take red trinket to watch her when you all in and she uses her invisibility shroud. In mid lane for instance, Q max is likely to be more substantial, as it’s far better in short trades against ranged champions with burst, or champions like Zed whom can close distances in a threatening manner.

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