It’s still the best horror anthology ever on TV and holds up really well. Vault of Horror 35 He finally gains over the woman’s affections, only to regret his choice after the woman’s obsessive love and their torrid affair becomes too much for him to take and handle. Search for ” Undertaking Palor ” on Amazon. Also starring Slash and Linda Doucett. A land owner D. Get Known if you don’t have an account.

Also stars Jake Busey. Peg Bundy I guess does a proto-Sons of Anarchy thing. A librarian Blythe Danner becomes obsessed with a serial killer and believes that she is his next victim. It’s still the best horror anthology ever on TV a. What the executive does not know is that the young man is scheming with the woman’s enraged ex-partner Paul Freeman , who seeks revenge against her. Oct 25, 23, Oct 25, 2, Was gonna say “That one where the guy is wandering through the desert with handcuffs on

Lists of anthology television series episodes Lists of American horror-supernatural television series episodes Tales from the Crypt. He suddenly remembers that he forgot that he only has eight lives, because the cat had to die the first ths. Also starring Kathleen Freeman as the next door neighbor.

Based on the story “Dead Right! That one was cool, wasn’t it the old guy who had tons of surgeries to make his body young and impress a girl? We need a new anthology horror series.

The Undertaking Parlor

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Foxwho directed this episode, plays the prosecutor, and James Tolkan plays a policeman investigating the “murder scene”. Undertakin was Cleavon Little’s final acting performance.

A game of deception ensues when a golden-age puppeteer Donald O’Connorwith a young and dominant wife Patricia Charbonneauis given a chance to revive his act for a tribute show and takes on an animatronic puppeteer Zach Galligan as his new assistant. Zemeckis immediately saw the story–with its World War I setting and a plot line involving cowardice, betrayal and firing squads–as atles chance undertakinf pay homage to Stanley Kubrick’s “Paths of Glory,” the anti-war film that featured one of Kirk Douglas’ most compelling performances.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Also starring Iggy Pop as himself. I remember there being an ugly house with a pink rooftop and he mets some rich twins -The last one I barely remember had a few kids ending up in the basement of an undertaker where they find out he killed the people himself Oh and does anyone remember the episode directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger?

List of Tales from the Crypt episodes – Wikipedia

Views Read Edit View history. Yes No Report this. Tales from the Crypt — When one of the boys’ fathers becomes a victim, the gang decides to videotape the mortician during the execution of his fiendish crimes. I undertakingg watching reruns of it as a kid on Sci-fi channe.

A crook with an addiction to butter Bill Paxtonwith the help of his brother Brad Dourifsets out grom get revenge on an ice cream truck driver Michael Lerner who had put him in prison years ago.

A simple young man Steve Coogan takes in a homeless pregnant woman Julia Sawalha and falls in love with her.

A thug James Remar who’s working for a plantation owner John Rhys-Davies teams up with the owner’s mistress Vanity in order to steal a highly valuable black pearl.

He unfertaking received invoices found and sent by the boys that prove Esbrook has been shorting him on his share of the proceeds. A former potential surgeon sets out to wreak revenge on the brother whose cruel practical joke prevented him from realizing his dream.

Also starring Buck Henry. Off-topic messages belong in the About undertkaing. The host and the crew get more than they bargained for when a chain of supernatural happenings indeed begin taunting and haunting them.


When owner Sebastian Esbrook arrives unexpectedly, they hide and watch in horror as he beats the librarian’s face with a sledgehammer and vacuums out her stomach contents.

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Carrion Death is one that has always stuck with me.

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It’s still the best horror anthology ever on TV a. Season 3 Episode 9. Also starring Alan Ruck and Rory Calhoun. With the help of Josh’s camera, the four boys resolve to get the evidence needed to bring them down. After creating a machine that collects thoughts from the dead which had accidentally resulted in his own lover’s death, a young man James Frain becomes obsessed with resurrecting her at any cost.

After being demoted to the graveyard shift by his sister Wendie Malick who owns the radio station, a talk radio show host Miguel Ferrer finally becomes successful and resorts to murder in order to keep himself on top.

Josh reveals himself, but as Esbrook starts to move toward him, the other three boys emerge, all carrying video cameras. The four teenagers give away surprisingly good performances, especially Jason Marsden and Jonathan Quan! Black comedy and gross out practical FX with amusing moral statements at the end of the episodes. I still remember the twist at the end: Featuring brief appearances by Burt Young and Joe Pantoliano.

The following is a list of episodes for the television series Tales from the Cryptwhich aired from — for seven seasons.

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