Sometimes, subtitles are displayed late. Also, this problem occurs when the subtitle is written in a bad manner. So when you download subtitle files and add them in VLC media player, it is often found that movie’s audio or subtitle doesn’t work simultaneously. You can hit these keys on the keyboard to make the VLC subtitle perfectly sync with the video. The increments are in milliseconds, so it can be pretty easily fine tuned that way. Just as the “pitch” was a little bit higher

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Open a video, tap on the screen and follow these steps:. But I have the problem that the subtitles slowly become de-sync with time. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer You are here: The other thing which you can do is to manually calibrate the subtitles. The VLC media player also allows users to download subtitle online and view subtitle with video playing using the player, but most or sometimes, downloaded subtitle are off sync with the video, that is some time the audio might be faster than the subtitle or the subtitle faster than the audio. Through this app, you can easily set the first and the last spoken word in the movie and subtitle timings are automatically adjusted between these two lines. Sometimes, subtitles are displayed late.

Delay or Speed up Subtitles in VLC Media Player

This solution permit to “slide” the subtitle starting point. This one is better and so much easier to perform. It has Dolby and DTS support, and all audio has lossless playback for a crystal-clear listening experience.

When I completely remove my old version and install a new version, they are still G and H for me. However, I noticed the H and J keys to adjust the subtitle track. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I wish there was a similar facility for solving issues when the subtitles have a different FPS. We show you two simple ways to adjust subtitle in VLC player.


To permanently synchronize subtitles you would need to use tools like SubtitleWorkshop and through that tool you can easily edit subtitles the way you want, even set first and last spoken like synchronize subtitles even with more accuracy.

Often a time the audio quality of some movie is not much good or the movie is in some other language. It can be delayed or appear earlier up.

Delay or Speed up Subtitles in VLC Media Player

This is fixed and not possible to change. The increments are in milliseconds, so it can be pretty easily fine tuned that way.

But subtiitles the last note I mentioned, the changes are temporary. However, if you purchase or download a movie online, the subtitles may be not included. September 2, at 9: Download, install and launch the best VLC alternative player, simply click “Open File” on the main interface to load your video to the program.

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VLC Media Player – Sync Subtitle to Audio or Video • About Device

Your subtitle delay will be negative. VLC offers a vast range of playback plugins which anyone can use to play any type of movie or video which may be present in any of the formats.

With VLC for Mac mine is v3. The trial version has a few limitations with the trial version, which include:. You can adjust seconds through which you may need to adjust your subtitles. You can also just press H and G while the video is running to align the subtitles backward and forward in time; for the voice use J and K.


Mostly people download movie from one source and the subs from another source. Adjustment of Subtitles Delay on Windows When you are experiencing this trouble on Windows, you need to open vlc, click on Tools, then Track Synchronization.

How to Adjust/Sync VLC Subtitle Delay

It will delay the subtitle speed by 50ms. Listen to the audio carefully and fix the subtitle to accurately sync with your movie. Open a video, tap on the screen and follow these steps: You will be pressing the h and g keys till the subtitle files are synced and then you can keep on enjoying you video watching experience. With both the shortcuts, you are going to land on the desired page plxyer can easily adjust the subtitles. You are sure to see the noticeable change with your subtitles.

To delay a subtitle: As mentioned before, you will get more options using this technique. I’m a huge fan of Agatha Christie’s work. Move it into the positive if the subtitles are too slow. You can use Handbrake to keep the parameters.

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