It is our right. The Hyderabad convention was held on 1st December and after that a series of conferences, group and public meetings have been held at Godavarikhani, Karimnagar, Siddipet,Jangaon, Aler, Ghanpur, Nizamabad, Khammam, Nalgonda, the old city of Hyderabad and Bhongir. After the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre it was the Telangana movement which took more than brave Indian sons, unparallel in the recent Indian history. Ivory colour ruffled top-part gels with the blue colour bottom-part to give a stunningly simple look. Otherwise who give respect to indian rule as we are independent and got freedom we have to obey and not disturbing the rights of others. It is ideal for salads, marinades and recipes. Unless the movement takes voilent form these andhra bastards will not learn a lesson. I deal with them every day.

Antiseptic Gauze Dressing impregnated with 0. Due to drought they is no sufficient water. To buy online party dresses and other exclusive or premium dresses visit vesdito. These ranges are widely known for its durability and quality to create toilet partitions system, shower partition, bathroom partition, change room cubicles, urinal partition etc. Though, the interview which he has given today is excellent, which can boost the Telangana movement and opens new directions. The irony however is, nobody even knew about the auction, it was all secretive. I suggest these A-holes to do a study of the background of KCR — is he qualified as a politician?

We should not forget the sacrifices polera Potti sriramulu … Want to say a lot n lot in my next msg…. We have emerged as a recognized and eminent name under the supervision and guidance of Mr. Their anti-Brahminism had nothing to do with the elimination of the caste system.

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Think about the whole situation.

Please do not get bogged down by past. More Product Details at: The Dakhani language, a beautiful product of interaction between Iranian settlers and the people of the Deccan speaking Telugu, Marathi and Kannada was totally ignored.

We shall share a few more source materials and archives of the journals and pictures and other publications that emerged out of the Telangana Movement.


Who oppressed the poor,innocent and uneducated lower cast people of Telangana. I completely agree with A Common man from Telegana.

Declare yourself that we are in Telengana state, others are on our mercy.

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We Offer cylindrical brush in Custom sizes. It had to because its comddy was not the welfare of people but a luxurious style of life for the foreign ruling class. Then how many were in our memory? A woman with natural beauty can look unattractive because of the way she dresses.

Tribal kingdoms and the Kakatiyas Empire were, to the extent possible then, participatory systems, based on the concept of the welfare of people. Having a separate state, we will manage the resources, budget allocated to Talli Telangana and improve our standards by governing our own state and will have equitable chance in jobs and education.

It was not always so. We strive hard to follow customer centric approach and fulfill the specific requirements and needs of our customers. A young man was killed in police firing near Charminar. Flashlight Head operated through reliable Switch Mode Power Supply, with a dedicated photo sensing device for intensity variation during day night.

Stirrings of a new movement could be clearly seen in Warangal on 1st November at the Telangana Praja Samiti convention attended by more than five thousand delegates from all parts of Telangana. Thus, the suicidal attempt to subjugate Telangana permanently continues.

What today telangana people lack is the spirit which was there in ;s Every person in telangana has to support the movement to give our children a bright future. This catalog is useful to various kinds of industries, which can be used to pack different products.

More then a thousand people had gathered at its inaugural function at Basant Talkies, Kachiguda. Hence we know how to manage ourselves in our own area of telangana, Insha-Allah we will show telangana will be one of the leading state of India.

Telanganas felt discriminated against in education employment but were told by the state government that most non-Telanganas had been hired on the grounds that qualified local people were unavailable. PLease relax for a moment. Lands that were auctioned off illegally, even by YSR to his own son! Will the government do the same thing …. You can add this to your wardrobe without giving any second thought!


Sir, Everything is fine. It has crossed the fullfilling the demands of telangana people,Now only demand is seperate sate of rights to lead. Size 42″ Qty 90 3. The procession was attacked both by rowdies recruited by so-called integrationists and the police. You can not expect anything from people who came to Hyderabad because they were driven out by someone else in their own region because of their cunningness, uncontrolled population etc. It is believed by some officials that conceding regional autonomy is less arduous and takes less time and fewer resources than does meeting agitation, violence, and demands for concessions.

Telanganalo Hyderabad oka integral part babu.

Moreover, you can enrich your mind by reading via the e-book reader and get flight mode when it is needed. A dying feudalism is only a part of the problem. Are you still using blackboards with dusty chalks in your classrooms or meeting rooms? Only a small fraction of our revenue is spent here the rest comedg Andhra. I will give you a po,eda just think a couple ,one is from andhra and one is from telangana got married and had a baby.

We are demanding our seperate state only because we were neglected and deceived by your selfish politicians and forefathers for years together. Vashisth jiwho study your horoscope for free and will advice you to wear a compatible gemstone as per your needs. There are facing many problems in in Dubai countries. Hyderabad is a property of all the tax payers in Andhra Pradesh, its not fair for them to just take away Hyderabad.

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