It is noisy at above-average loads, though. You will find it in US stores within the first week of December, and it will be available around the beginning of the new year in EU-specific stores. We know how hard it is to make a very small power supply. On the contrary, enthusiast users and, more specifically, hard-core overclockers will highly appreciate its features, especially the ultra-low ripple, its stable outputs, and the ability to easily adjust the voltages of the major rails. The power supply even had some of the most stable ripples we have ever seen from start to full load. The Andyson design delivers decent load regulation and it dealt with our cross loading test without falling over, although we have seen much better from other units recently. Enermax has done a fantastic job with the Platimax W unit. Since you have modular cables you only use the cables you need.

Otherwise everything here worked great. Now these SIs have the tools to meet these requirements along with our legendary reputation for making silent PCs possible. Clearly the Glacier W is a big step forward for In Win in the high-end power supplies market and the seven years of warranty show that the company has great confidence in their product. Efficiency at normal loads is very high, ripple levels are kept low and it has lots of connectors on its modular panel. Technically it is a solid design and features stable load regulation, great noise suppression and high levels of efficiency. The second sample did exhibit some trace tonal buzz, but at a much lower level than the whine of the original, and otherwise performed just as beautifully as the first.

Cookie-urile ne ajuta sa va oferim o experienta a utilizarii mai buna. Fiind prima sursa racita pasiv pe care am testat-o, nu prea exista termen de comparatie pentru sursa Golden Silent Fanless.

The second sample did exhibit some trace tonal buzz, but at a much lower level than the whine of the original, and otherwise performed just as beautifully as the first. Ti-a fost util acest mesaj? This is a great looking package that is more than capable of powering your setup.

The airflow options available make it a useful tool for extracting hot air which is especially useful for SFF builds. It has nice looks, it’s a silent PSU and in fact is modular as well.

Ai mai multe pagini A etc The only downsides I spotted are the high price, although it’s worth every penny of corsairr and the fan which at very high operating temperatures and high loads can be loud. Pagina 38 din When it comes to performance the Power Force does a great job. It is rather expensive, h1050 when you consider the power characteristics and market leading design, we feel it is well worth the money.


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eursa As our testing has highlighted, both units when pushed hard will deliver much more wattage than their rating suggests. They also age much slower, and that allows them to maintain the same level of performance for much longer. All four models are set up with a single 12V rail as well as having over current, over voltage, over wattage, over temperature and short-circuit protection. We got two samples of this product, with the same results.

AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB Compatible PSUs

Senior Member – addicted to games. Ai aflat ceva inaintea tuturor? Load regulation is very strong, maintaining a very tight dynamic across the range, and the product excelled with both noise suppression and cross loading tests.

Inside the good quality continues with some nice soldering, minimal clutter, tidy wiring and quality branded components. W e tested with a high end iK CPU yes, but this CPU runs at a very low voltage as anyone who has one will know, and thus not effecting results compared to if we used a different CPU. It also has a very good voltage regulation and ultra-low noise and ripple levels. In terms of performance the w Black Edition cannot be faulted.

Your choices are pretty limited if you are looking for a fanless PSU, especially if you seek a Platinum efficiency one. The intensive cross loading test barely phased the unit, with it holding onto nominal readings. In privinta nivelului de zgomot nu exista niciun dubiu ca va satisface urechea oricarui pasionat de silent-computing iar performantele sunt excelente si o recomanda pentru utilizarea in sistemul de daily-use.

Noise emissions are also higher than I would have expected. Ai aflat ceva inaintea tuturor? We saw very low heat levels on the HCP, so in a case with good airflow even at srries load its fan won’t be annoying.

That decision means we can run three cards in SLI, or at least have that as a future upgrade option without needing convertors. Performance for the Toughpower XT Platinum W is just what you would expect from this enthusiast grade power supply.

This would be corxair true in a tower case where the PSU is mounted conventionally at the top back corner. The professionaal CX presented efficiency between Seasonic also made sure to include an extra-long warranty, which is pretty special because the SSFL is a fanless protessional that will, compared to normal PSUs, operate at increased internal temperatures.

Personal am fost uimit de Antec HCP si nu pot decat sa o recomand tuturor celor care isi doresc o sursa de calitate, cu o constructie impecabila, care poate oferi mult peste ceea ce este inscriptionat pe eticheta. Aesthetically, the Dark Power Pro 10 has numerous little features and improvements which, although they are not important when examined individually, all of them combined turn an otherwise generic and uninteresting power supply to a classy and luxurious design.


It’s hard to measure, especially when you compare with modern PSUs with say a silver or Gold certified rating.

One thing common is they’re all 80 Plus Gold certified. Intelegeti de ce e mai bine ca nu am desfacut-o?

Their customers demand the best price-performance-ratio available along with a list of important features. As far as build quality and design go it is always a great start to see a company like Corsair base their unit around a Seasonic design and they clearly have faith in the unit, offering a 7-year warranty.

The PSU also had no trouble delivering w at all times during our testing and offered perfect stability. Beside the L8 quarter, be quiet! Noise suppression is also close to perfect and reinforces the W KM3 standing as justifiably the finest power supply on the market today. For the most part, it scores very well on the design and build quality front. If installed in a system with long term average power draw of W or higher, one might have thoughts about the risk to longevity with the constant heat load.

It would look quite attractive in a colour coordinated chassis with some red LED lighting closeby.

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It has a full set of features to make almost any enthusiast happy, looks great and is backed by a five year warranty. If you’re only doing three way SLI or Crossfire as opposed to four-way or putting in a fourth card for dedicated Physx, this power supply is perfect.

Internally, it is just as impressive and again formed from the superlative MaxRevo structuring. Sistemul de racire este o gaselnita interesanta a inginerilor de la Xilence, una care functioneaza foarte bine in practica. Sure, there are a few units that are built as well as this unit; OK most of those are Professkonal units too.

A pure modular design would help a little with routing, although most of the hardwired cables would be needed for even the most basic system build.

Meaning you just use the wires you professionao. Finally, Thermaltake backs the Toughpower Grand with a 7 year warranty for added peace of mind.

A little bit of room would make the installation of nearby sockets an achievable task, contrary to what it is now.

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