You should really go ahead and check it out. Can you definitely confirm that it wont work in R12 on a technical level or is it just that it was created with R13 so can’t be down saved? I made several photogrammetry models including the beach part which was captured with a drone. Check the cineversity videos. Thank you guys, you are great. Its there in all these utilities, mograph, forrester, surfacespread etc. Forrester is as good as SS but you also get the tree and plant generators thrown in and they are pretty powerful once you get to grips with them.

BEEfore we go, we want to share a last couple of images that we did as personal project we can’t stop rendering ;. I also exported the flow map of the erosion node and used to to give the erosion channels a specific color and to eliminate the SPD in those areas. Thank you guys, you are great. If you wish to continue the discussion, please create a new thread in the appropriate forum. Eddoron Active Users Posts: We have made a BeeHive model for another on Laubwerk is looking for recommendations at Laubwerk.

Arscom Studio added 4 new photos to the album: Using the spline sculpting function you can e.

You could watch the live streaming here: Laubwerk surtacespread feeling excited. Unlike our Laubwerk Plants, this product is for Cinema 4D only. We have a sale!

Grass Painter plugin

It will just eat your RAM and you can spend hours struggling over it and generating it when you can do it much quicker in photoshop. But what the heck… for a quick test….


I think this goes in line what Rhodesy and some of the others have already said. One note regarding the material: Hope you like cineja All coloring for rock, sand and vegetation is done with noise shaders. Thanks to the support for shaders and bitmaps you can also use height maps from other programs. Slashcube added 4 new photos. Will it work on surfaces that aren’t flat? WalliAug 13, Log in or Sign up. Do you already have an account?

Indigo for Cinema 4D b – Indigo Renderer Forum

All times are UTC Contact us. That only leads to confusion and disappointment. Probably an obvious point but you have remembered to check surffacespread ‘render instances’ checkbox? If you want to get started with creating scenes like this one yourself, go ahead and get the Plants Kit Freebie www.

Indigo Community Discuss and showcase all things Indigo. The easy and efficient way to distribute Laubwerk Plants and any other object on terrains.

The Distribution Override Tag makes it easy to apply special distibution settings to your clones depending from the original objects. Every software has its pros and cons PS- forgot to mention the beyond of this scattering polygons Some trees in foreground would solve the problem of detail Thanks for file. The Wire object This little bonus object creates a spline along any number of objects.

How you handle large amounts of grass in your scenes? You can also reduce their level of detail or display them as bounding boxes.


Thanks a lot, Yves! And if you cannot make it, 4f are still lucky. Enjoy Our Laubwerk Summer Sale ! Using the shaping function you can adjust the whole landscape according to your needs and wishes. Is that a confirmed fact, how do you know? SurfaceSpread is very useful plug in and it will work with Indigo very well. We’ll also be having a new Masterclass! Indigo for Cinema 4D 3. All layers can be surfacespreead using different mix functions.

Plants Kit 11 “Tropical Shrubs” is a selection of both common and distinctive tropical shrubs and bushes s Click “Read more” to get more information about our privacy policy. The main thing is not to forget in the cloner include the function – render instance. Some features on our site e. Han Active Users Posts: Its there in all these utilities, mograph, forrester, surfacespread etc.

Check out the new Plants Kit 12 www. Start adding high quality plants to your own visualizations using our Plants Kit Freebie: Under announcements, see our post for more details on the transition and how this will benefit you and all Cinema 4D artists.

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