Friday, February 25th, The Jeans Family has an active family of five in Denver, Colorado. Nancy is home with the kids full-time while Ted is at work at his job as a police officer. Look below and find out. Friday, November 19th, 3: Can Jo help her fight her past and heal the emotional rift in her family? The Bullard boys, two-year-old Rylan and six-year-old Brycie, have full rein of the house. The Sacco Family Friday, April 3rd,

The Cantoni Family [85]. After a time, Frost leave the houses to allow the family to implement her actions on their own. Wednesday, March 19th, The children are calm and respectful with their great-grandparents, Hal and Carolyn, who are in their seventies. Wednesday, May 7th, Retrieved 29 October Meghann is verbally, mentally and physically aggressive toward her family, making her mother feel worthless. Watch The Video For Panic!

Friday 09 May, supernanhy 9pm on E4. Trisha and Darren have a twelve-year-old boy, Luke, a eight-year-old boy, James, a three-year-old boy, Matthew, and a eighteen-month-old girl, Francesca.

Mom Lucy and dad Steve are determined to turn their lives around and adhere to Supernanny’s strict guidelines. Friday, November 19th, 3: Hal and Carolyn ask Supernanny, Jo Frost, to come and teach their granddaughter Jency to discipline her own children.


When she tries to correct them, her kids respond by hitting and kicking her, cursing and other aggressive behavior.

Howat Family

The show features professional nanny Jo Frostwho devotes each episode to helping a family where the parents are struggling with their child-rearing.

The Bullard household is chaotic, with work phones ringing off the hook and kids screaming late into the night. Gary 37Michael 6Sean 4 and Dylan 3. The Daniels Family [93].

The Terrill Family [91]. The British Cooke Family presents Jo with one of her toughest challenges to date.

Sue and Paul have an eight-year-old boy, Nathaniel, a seven-year-old boy, Caleb, a six-year-old boy, Benjamin, a three-year-old boy, Jacob, and an eight-month-old boy, Joel.

Charlie’s behaviour has improved since Jo left, with Lucy and Steve still using her techniques.

List of Supernanny episodes – Wikipedia

Before he died, dad Dwight Lewis called on Supernanny to ask if she could help his wife Antoinette cope with parenting alone while she grieved his loss. Can Warch help them familyy a grip on their kids? Shannon and John both have high profile jobs at a large church, but their home is a far cry from a peaceful sanctuary. Friday, December 3rd, 4: The Martinez Family With her husband Sindo away in Iraq, Michelle Martinez is home alone for months at a time with three rambunctious children.


Wednesday, April 23rd, Friday 30 May, – 9pm on E4. Cheryl Carsley is a divorced mother of five: Tuesday 12 September, – 9: Monday, February 12th, 9: The George Family []. Friday, November 14th, 7: Wxtch is back, and this time she’s in Liverpool, home to the Hancox-Smith family.

Only boy Tyler and youngest daughter Tia are running riot around the house, verbally abusing their mother, while dad Martin just sits looking on his wach. While husband and marine, Chris is stationed overseas for a year in Afghanistan, wife Beckie is left alone with their 4 adopted children: The Burnett Family [53]. Shannon swears, throws tantrums and hits her mother. Danielle and Joe have a four-year-old boy called Carlo, a three-year-old boy called J.

Caden, who is six, has a nasty habit of beating up his younger brother, Declan. Tami and Shaun have a six-year-old girl called Haeley, four-year-old twin girls called Maile and Malia and a waatch boy called Leighton. Will Jo succeed in turning the Walkers around?

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