Said Boo does go in said hallway. This is not happening. Tri Force Heroes [81]. It’s easier just to say you’re a wizard and record it with magic. Gene the Teddiursa, who very rarely fought, but was in the party for most of the game due to Trifecta being an 11th-Hour Ranger Platinum: I’ve never played, but someone watched over me editing this said I need to acknowledge it. He has indicated that he might do Super Mario Galaxy 2 at some point, and ProtonJon has additionally stated in a livestream that Chugga is considering a playthrough of Sonic Adventure 2 , but thus far no definite plans have been revealed for either game.

He’s usually portrayed in fanart with one because in Real Life , he is very rarely seen in public without one. Murray, Noel October 2, Surprising, considering that he’s proven time and again that the bulk of his knowledge seems to revolve mostly around technology and video games. Kirby’s Dream Course [76]. Moment of truth, guys. Since this is oddly ignorant of Chugga, it’s possible he’s just trying to ham it up and play it for laughs. Lampshaded in episode 14 of Luigi’s Mansion. And in this episode, with our awesome Goron rolling spikey-powers of spikes we are going to be going forth!

He has also mentioned that he lived in Florida at some time. I love strawberry lemonade, and just how it combines the colors of the juice right there, makes mariio want to drink it so badly. He is also a big fan of the Mario series. Mother [19] [Note 1].


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Views Read Edit View history. Fortune Street [61] [Note 9]. He also misread the name of the Tox Box enemies as ‘Toy boxes’. Giovanni has an apparent son somewhere Meow Mix the Persian The Chick: Haywire the Zebstrika The Big Guy: Or whenever he feels like.

Jones series Barrett Tillman born — novelist and military chuggaaconrroy Brady Udall born — author Mary Whitebird died — author Garrett Glover born – author Journalism Charles Bowden — — non-fiction author, journalist, essayist Lisa Olson born — sports journalist Katie Pavlich bor Then again, should we really be surprised by this point?

These things are adorable. One cutscene in the whole game that starts in about five seconds.

Pokémon Emerald – Bonus Episode 1

This video contains Chugga’s only death in EarthBound which he never showed in the original playthrough. Emile has stated that he has Autism Spectrum Disorder, and according to his now-deleted 50 Facts video according to Chugga, some of those facts were seriously outdatedhe tries “as hard as [he] can to act like a normal person because [he] always dreamed of being chuggaaaconroy as a child.

Kirby’s Dream Course [76]. Down to the ‘Wire chuggaaconroy 8 months ago. Michael Castle Republican Governor of Florida: Chugaaconroy is wrong in the cave with all ditto. It’s even more obvious in his Facebook and Twitter accounts. Even better, those kind of carrots do come in yellow and blue varieties. Member feedback about List of YouTubers: Mario Party 2 chuggaacpnroy.


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Holding Back the Phlebotinum: He has since produced 37 solo Let’s Plays, and his content has been cited as a family-friendly alternative to more vulgar Let’s Players, as well as being cited as one of the most influential. If a mask contains a spirit, then why do you have Mario’s face on your backpack? Incumbents Federal government President: Kirby’s Dream Course [76].

Insert some kind of Overwatch joke, I guess? Cue epic freak out Fake-Out Opening: He even managed to connect his Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS to capture cards, thus being able to take videos directly from the screens of said handhelds, without any emulators.

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I am a total fucking nerd. Marshall the Quagsire The Big Gal: Wii Party Wii – YouTube”. November 18, — November 18, October 8, — November 18, [Note 6]. New Super Mario Bros.

Wii Party U [82].

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