Can be used for the magnet! There another bean directly below the same screen. Click on the moshling to pick it up. When the electrified mushroom comes out of the machine, click on it to put it in your inventory. One is behind the manager. D any pr … oblem, just ask on my fb:

You will also get the key card. My operating system is stuttering with laughter! My crew will play the engine tune. The cards are laid out as follows: Captain Squirk is obviously pleased. Looks like an AA battery to me.

Moshi Missions Guide

Time to go shopping! Make him some bungla jungala juice 3 times. It appears after she walks off leaving ROFL in charge. Finally, collect the jetpack before you leave the dance place an … d then give it to Splutnik. Click on the battery to pick it up and put it in your inventory. Name Remember Email Owner Name: The creepy missiom are the third ingredient on the list. Drag the Weed Buster out and drop it onto the green background just behind the red display with the bright green display. Splutnik starts a conversation with you.

Click on the newly grown vent to exit the greenhouse. You will also get the key card. On the windowsill just about mizsion jar of sausage seeds On the shelf just below the sausage seeds On the floor below where the Boogaloo Mushroom was growing On the right just above a green tv screen sitting on a grey device of some kind.


My operating system mosho stuttering with laughter! You can find them just to the left of the red tv set with the green screen.

To get it he must hear the others singing and the “beast”must be asleep. Open your inventory and drag Fizzy out onto the Cosmic Rox standing missuon behind and to the right of your monster.

First, is at the ‘J’ on Jollywood. Now you start a conversation with Captain Squirk.

Where are all the epics in moshi mission 10 season 2

This site uses cookies. Season 2 — Mission 8: You now find yourself in the engine room of the Rhapsody 2. The engine spurts out another part of the Door Key. Then you complete them one at time, fo … moshj the clues. Click on the two Door Key items to pick them up.

This reveals an EPIC award! Click on the EPIC to pick it up. Shine the light on him to get him to drop it. Go to content Go to navigation Go to search.

Moshi Monster: Super Moshi Mission #1 – Missing Moshling Egg

Please come with me to the engine room! Season 3 — Mission 4: Season 1 — Mission 9: Straight away Captain Squirk appears on another screen. Because pepper makes them sneeze! Here at this page we have guides for all the missions so far, in Series 1, 2 and 3!


You are commenting using seaon WordPress. Click on them to pick them up. Would you like to merge this question into it? One is behind the manager. Email required Address never made public. Open your inventory and drag the bow-tie out and onto the Robot. Bungle in the Jungle.

Guess all of seaaon Moshling constellation Don’t forget to pick up the epic before you play Space Glen. Starting on the left, the first terminal is the Arcade Machine.

The other one is when your chasing sweet tooth. Click on the mission picture to go to its page and get a mission tutorial, mission video, E.

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