Captain Squirk tells you what to do next…. To get it he must hear the others singing and the “beast”must be asleep. It is the one closest … to the broken light. Season 1 — Mission 1: You are commenting using your Twitter account. The first is in Simon Growls safety deposit box. Click on the red lever about the battery compartment to turn on the magnet. Fingz, the one with the spiral antenna.

You can use the vent next it, but you need to make it bigger! Now click on the door to close it. First of all, you need to wait until they are released, usually one about every five weeks once Moshi Monsters starts to release them. Click on the jar and a Sausage seed will fly out and into your inventory. Check the cave behind a bush in the Unknown Zone. Guess all of the Moshling constellation Don’t forget to pick up the epic before you play Space Glen. Click on the various rings to spin them round clockwise until you make the face of Splutnik. Prepare for blast off as you boldly go where no Moshi has gone before.

Fizzy will make the Rox explode to reveal an Epic award. Put the spanner on the tangled wires. Split and merge into it.


The first Epic is to fix the test your strength machine and drop and break the snoodle piggy bank. This will electrify the mushroom! supsr

Moshi Missions Guide

You should see them in the following locations: Play a tune using all of the instrument plants. Season 3 — Mission 1: Click on the Sausage and Mash to pick it up. Click on the fishing rod: Click on the vending machine. Click on Captain Squirk to talk to start a conversation.

Moshi Monster: Super Moshi Mission #1 – Missing Moshling Egg

Close Encounters of the Zoshi Kind. Time to go shopping! We can use some Cosmic Goo!

Click on the machine to start the game. Open your pouch, and drag a credit into the socket at the top right hand part of the machine. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The second Epic is found inside the asteroid. First of all, you need to wait until they are released, usually one about every five weeks once Moshi Monsters starts to release them. Season 2 Missions have already been released. This site uses cookies. Ok, sounds simple enough. By continuing to use this seasob, you agree to their use.

First one is under the bed near tingalings cage. Now open your inventory and drag the three Door Key pieces onto the circular door to the left. The next part of this mission is missoon simple. Captain Squirk is obviously pleased. Finally, collect the jetpack before you leave the dance place an … d then give it to Splutnik.


Now click on the door to close it.

Season 2, Mission 7, Masters of the Swooniverse

Does anyone know where the middle epic is? There are Two terminals left to reset.

On Nov 21, I hope this helps you! Moshi Monsters Food Next: The zoshlings will now play the first sequence. Inside the open hatch with the wires in it. We are ready for blast off!

You now find yourself in the engine room of the Rhapsody 2. To start we just need to look around the greenhouse carefully to find the six beans.

Reel in the fishing rod and see what you’ve got!

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