You are a talented writer and I enjoy your work so much. In “Love, Peace and Happiness”, the phrase “That’s one small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind” is paraphrased as, “It’s a small step for man, but it’s a giant leap for all mankind”. He smiles and says that she is right, things ought to get back on track. Yong Yong breaks the kiss and apologizes, but Yun Jie hugs her and asks why she needs to apologize. Journey’s End Video She thanks Yun Jie for the things he did for her, telling him she will not forget any of it.

This is a discography of works by Roger Taylor outside of Queen. They head outside, and she declines his offer to drive her home. On discovering Rohit’s wealth Vicky realizes that he has hit the jackpot and decides to play along. Her dad initially showed up as the guy who dropped Yong Yong off at the orphanage and then picked up her 8 years later, just like that. Yong Yong promises second sister that she will never fall in love with Yun Jie. I also loved that they made the secondary characters also as believable and not cartoonish. Music videos Most of the album’s singles have supporting music videos with the exceptions of “Lessons in Love” and “Llove”. Yong Yong compares her marriage and deepening relationship with Yun Jie like being on an unmoored ship when she was a kid and it was floating away and no one could save her.

Yun Jie never wanted to take over the business — remember how he told Yong Yong that all he ever wanted was to be a father and lead a happy life — he took it over after Wan Lan broke his heart with her refusal to have his baby. The performance is simple and lovely, with Yun Jie and Yong Yong looking at each other periodically and smiling as their fingers glide over the piano.

Her experiences serve to influence how she feels, but ultimately she logically chooses her next steps each time she is faced with a problem. There are dramas and there are dramas that say the same things and so arrive nowhere, never connecting with our hearts. At the news station, there is a staff meeting and Wan Lan is told that their ratings have been falling.

But Overall, it was definitely a nice drama with awesome characters. He tells her that he likes her. Finally watched this drama. He sits down and watches her as she plays. Yun Jie takes Wan Lan and Xiao Nian to their new apartment which is customized for someone in a wheelchair.


Only the addicting power of SH could do that to anyone.

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This is the list of the Taiwan Drama of to now. She asks him if he cried when he watched the fireworks by himself that day. Eventually, his next studio album Atmosphere met with similar success.

Sunny Happiness topic Sunny Happiness Chinese: The cake itself is delicious when eaten as a whole, all the different flavor layers blending together into its own unique dessert. Just stick to cool or smiling please…. Marathoned it through Hurricane Irene! He thanks her for telling a lie on his behalf today, and she looks confused until she realizes that Yun Jie thinks that she was lying for his sake when she announced to Si Taowan that she loves him.

My eyes started misting the moment Yong Yong found the birthday cards her dad wrote but never sent.

The hug goes on forever and ever and I melted into a puddle of goo by the sweetness of their love for each other. The mutual confession on the balcony was just….

The two brothers have a decidedly clipped face-off at the board meeting, and their dad arrives to join the meeting.

Too many times in dramas I feel like the drama tries to happinesss you that the leads are in love, more than they actually show you that they are. The most recent ones: The last few episodes were so chock full of amazing moments, great parallels to an earlier scene, and satisfying resolution on ALL issues. Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker.

Yong Yong finishes deleting the text and she breaks down sobbing her heart out, and she forked a piece of my heart as well. A girl afraid siopsis rejection and searching for acceptance and love finds it with a man who had stopped his emotional growth years ago.

I totally agree, this drama is in a league all by itself. C reminds him that when Siddhant threw his younger brother out of the house, he never came back again. Episodes contain moments of clarity that show how all the characters continue to try to figure out their lives and loves. Agree with all your analysis. The otp is delightful, the story just great and alsdjsldfjs omg the OTP!!!


Sunny Happiness Episodes 19-20 Recap

Si Han accuses Yun Jie of buying himself a poor orphaned girl as a wife to gain custody of Xiao Nian — the ugly side of the Cinderalla fairy tale. Thanks for sharing SH with us, unni! Too bad they both throw a scissors, while Xiao Nian sunhy a rock and runs off because he gets the first bath.

Yong Yong goes to visit with her former hotel supervisor. Brave girl, Yong Yong, and it was that final thing Yun Jie needed to ask her to stay with him forever. Yong Yong wants to say something when they notice that Wan Lan has fallen off the wheelchair. They head outside, and she declines his offer to drive her home. Mad, Bad and Dangerous Member feedback about Love, Peace and Happiness: Their falling in love did not insult my intelligence.

Yun Chao heads to the construction site for the new shopping center. On discovering Rohit’s wealth Vicky realizes that he has hit the jackpot and decides to play along.

Sunny Happiness

Brings back fond memories. This is a Chinese name; the family name is Lin. Yun Jie looks down and sees a lunchbox that Yong Yong made for him, with a sticky note that he ought to enjoy it. Thank you again for reccing SH! The Catcher in the Rye is a story by J. I was faking my disability this whole time, you suckers! He confesses that he accomplished a goal and let out a sigh of relief, and now all he wants to do is go home and relax.

Yun Jie asks Yong Yong for a favor — to play the piano with him at the party. I love how much he supports her and pushes her to believe in herself.

She stops him and brings out a cake for them to say goodbye to Taipei with.

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