The storyline seems interesting, it’s a rom-com that i would love to watch. Sun-joon acts from within the framework and Guh-ro acts from without. Hanging out with Kim Yoon-shik is too dangerous. I think it’s safe to say that Moon Jae Shin stole the show in this episode. As I was watching the later episodes, it is obvious from the shots on him that there is more than meets the eye. Poor kid- although he is getting exponentially more amazing each episode.

Momo September 29, at 3: The guards tell In-soo that they found no one except a guy and a gisaeng fooling around, so Cho-sun is questioned. Been waiting for it far too long. Like you I wish Jaesin can have that kiss with Yoon hee before Sunjoon will get her In history, the royal family has done nothing except leave the people to ruin and bow down to foreign powers. I kind of read it as Yong-ha crushing majorly and Jae-shin being vaguely aware and fondly exasperated – like in episode 4, when he turned the invasion of personal space thing on Yong-ha and got all up in his face Yongha stopping Guroh in the midst of his chase with the supposed thief—only to pull him into a tender embrace while remarking how much of match—made—in—heaven they were for having met by coincidence.

Now thats a great way to look at it.

I think he is determined to see that image of right and wrong imposed upon the world. Yong Ha is finally showing a little more of his serious darker?

P October 12, at 9: Love the Jageum Quartet adventure dramxcrazy find the accounting book. I totally love the screencap you used as the header for the recaps!! Maybe all that archery training helped? As for Kang Moo That first discovery scene nearly killed me, because you could almost see the words about to come out of his mouth: I totally meant Song Joong-ki, and ended up abbreviating his name. I don’t want dissertation or thesis on why it’s NOT on purpose.


She believes him when he says that she’s a champion, win or lose. I like YC but the script makes me sick of seeing SJ being the perfect guy without any faults and always the hero.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

However this time, she will be the optimistic strong willed Kim Yoon Hui. I think you guys will always say bad things about soonjun until the end of the episode, I understand it all because jaeshin is the 2nd male lead and yonhe there is no possibility for the end to jaeshin. Kim Kap Soo Supporting Cast. Yoochun did a very great job. Turn him over to the police? It looked like Kang-moo had a knife that he was going to use on Chosun.

Stick in the mud, uptight, self-righteous. It was found at the local pharmacy where the culprit sold off all the stolen goods.

Thanks for the recap cassie. He strongly said if he ever got married there’ll be just one wife.

[Drama ] SungKyunKwan Scandal 성균관 스캔들 – k-dramas & movies – Soompi Forums

I like how it used to be that Yoon-Hee was so afraid of bed time xcandal now it’s Guh-ro who is super tensed up everytime he goes to bed with Yoon Hee and Sun Joon hahaha She keeps her calm, saying coolly that she feels sorry for him—how is it that he thinks that everything in this world exists for him to possess?

For me this scanxal the most entertaining episode of the series until episode 12 which i think is perfection on wheels. And, the dilemma for each student is to decide whether or not to keep secret her true identity. Kim Ha Kyoon Supporting Cast. Separately they’re so charismatic, but together they drqmacrazy my fangirl brain explode.


Is it because of my father? But it’s also true that his sister’s marriage to SJ is good for his sister as well, and I’m sure In Soo’s aware of it. The only good thing that happened to me today! Jung Hye Mi Supporting Cast. Luv Triangle October 12, at And sung,yunkwan many times did I squeeeee while watching the episode. I totally agree with you.

I’m strapping in real good for a rough but exhilarating full of spazzing and screaming ride. And yes GF you seems to get the best part of an episode to recap! Ashley October 7, at I didn’t understand but someone translated the script for me. After all, she is a girl. So she plays like a champion. Youth Scandal – Lee Min Young I’m really curious to find out how Yoon-hee got her gisaeng clothes on.

He’s acting it to a”T” too so very understandable everybody is swooning and mooning over him. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

Yeah, but Sun-joon is really dense.

Hessa October 3, at I dont know, just a trivial thought. October 6, at 5: GF, u already pick Da Wooong! This kind of subtle humor is exactly why I love this drama so much! I don’t think the people myself included who believe he scored a 5 on purpose are arguing sjngkyunkwan he lost the tournament on purpose. People, let’s not start bashing other factions. That was beautifully analyzed! It made me laugh all over again!

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