Minister Lee merely offered him the land deed to shut him up after he found out what had happened. Still, hats off to those who are still sleeping before that big an exam, hehe! You do know some people say egg is actually good for hair! Great recap as usual, GF.. Jae Shin wanted to beat him up, and told him that he should know why Cho Sun was sent to assasinate him. Thinking this is some sort of retaliation from him, whom she still thinks is Wang, she dashes outside, ready to run away but he stops her.

What SKKS did to me is to get me interested to learn Korean language I am too impatient to wait for subtitles and to seek more information about Joseon era try to imagine myself living there during that time. Can’t wait for the final. I’ll sign it for a movie! He read books that I was too young to understand. I, who scorned such a thing, am now choosing to shut my mouth. I actually think that she wasn’t pretending to be a male professor, instead being a female professor. This drama is awesome but you and all the comments here make it more awesome: But all Professor Jung can do is kneel and take full responsibility for Yoon-hee.

I was also touched by Kim Yoon Shik-Kim Yoon Hee’s discussion about their father and how while she might not remember what her father looked like, her father definitely cared for her.

Sinopsis ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ All Episodes

Having the capital near the tomb ensured that Jeongjo could keep an eye on the sanctity of the tomb and thereby Sado from any further insults there were concerns that opposing forces would desecrate the tomb, deny Sado even that tomb, etc.

Yoon-hee has a Eureka moment as she traces the route taken by her father and recalls what Professor Jung told her earlier— that the Geum Deung Ji Sa was originally kept in Jongmyo. This is what I really love about this drama.


It’s one that has been used by many who want to shake up the order of things, shift the balance of power, etc. He glued the quartet together, and was always there to save the day. On the other hand, Yong Ha managed to find out that the Minister of War was the one who frequently met up with the murderer.

All I could remember was his silhouette through the door. He will not give up his dream to move the capital, however.

Sinopsis ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ All Episodes – Korean Drama Sinopsis Indonesia

Girlfriday, you never fail to crack me sungkyuunkwan I love her smirk. It doesn’t only focus on the main OTP’s developments. And so they headed to the palace to show a representative the petition that they had, and they started their protest in a super civilised manner.

The murderer wanted to slip away but Sun Joon stopped him. And I’m like, so what about kim yoon-shik, the brother He could have called her out on being a woman at SKK but he never did. Yong-ha, Jae Shin, I’m going to miss you guys so much! Father-daughter moments always kill me too!

No, when did he know those two were together? These cheap methods of comfort and sympathy, what can they solve? Skngkyunkwan, we can hire Park Shi-hoo and his abs of steel! Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

He is afraid, not of the Geum Deung Ji Sa, but the irrational emotions brought about by family ties. She heads out to try and rally people for the cause, but they all dismiss her soundly, knowing that Yong-ha is behind it. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Seriously, no comparisons… Still, Sun Joon is Yoochun you know!

Meta [Happily never scanral Maybe This proves too much for Yoon-hee and she leaves, with Seon-joon following closely behind. sungyunkwan

I’m just a bit confused They litter the town in red, stirring the soldiers. This is all new to me and the Kdrama world is adding joy to my day. Those hiccups are so cute. The resulting commotion allows Yoon Hee to slip away. But anyway, I watched this episode a long time ago already, and the last one.


I choked up and then laughed like an idiot when I saw baby Yoon shik playing on his father’s lap while his father read aloud to a young Yoon hee – it was SO cute but heartbreaking.

If this had been another teen drama, it would probably have devolved into an overblown angst-o-rama but you get very little of those florid, over-the-top emotions here. She drops the lantern and her mirror in surprise. What will finding it change? Haha, looks like losing the hair made him lose his confidence too!

That, at the least, there wouldn’t be moms like Yoonhee’s mom and my mom at times still who go around saying education is poison to girls. Minister of War met up with Minister Lee and told him that he had managed to give the murderer a sum of money for him to leave and hide from those who were searching about his background.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: So bear with me, people, we only have two left after tonight. As she takes the books from him, JS sees the ring on her finger.

Hwang balks because things are even more strict now. You are commenting using your Facebook account. SJ fights back and gets in a few punches but ends up on the floor getting kicked around. I really would have liked to know what their future fate was.

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