Despite Shakuni’s advice not to engage in a fight with Gandharvas who were powerful enough to have killed their grandfather Chitrangada , Duryodhana enters into a fight, but finds that he is no match for the Gandharva who has mystical powers and can become invisible. Karna barges angrily into his palace and throws off his bow and the quiver of arrows. How Karna Obtains Nagastra. No sooner than He eats this with relish, Sage Durvasa and others burp as though they had eaten a heavy meal. Sun tv mahabharatham 88,download sun tv mahabaratham serial,Mahaparatham sun tv,Sun netwnrk magaparatham page 86,sun tv mahabaratham 86 episode,sun tv mahabha,sun tv mahabharata 88,sun tv mahabharatham date 09 11 ,sun tv mahabharatham hd,mahabharatham tamil sun tv episode 88,mahabharatham suntv episode 88,magaparatham suntv […] The post Sun TV Mahabharatham, Dhritarashtra learns that he is going to be crowned the King of Hastinapur. Sanjaya, the messenger sent by Dritarashtra, conveys to the Pandavas the message that Yudhishtra should go back to forest, as meditation would do him a lot of good. He tells Duryodhana that the Pandavas are in Maya Desha.

Bhishma informs Pandu that he will lead the war. Durvasa then tells Yudhishtra that Duryodhana had sent him here to partake feast and bless them. Krishna asks Bhishma to formulate the rules that would govern the war. Sun TV Mahabharatham, Kunti is now eager to tell Karna who he is and ask him to join the Pandavas. Dhritarashtra realizes his mistake and questions Gandhari whether she will accept him as her husband. He suggests to Karna that he join the Pandavas, especially since they were his brothers, and then rule Hastinapura. Lord Shiva intervenes, on request of Goddess Ganga.

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Kunti empathizes with Durydhana and chides Vidura and other Kuru elders for instilling the thought in Duryodhana in his childhood that he was the future emperor of Hastinapur. Duryodhan confronts the Pandavaas for making his brothers fall from the tree.

He pretends to take care of Pandu in front of Dhritarashtra. Dronacharya becomes sad and breaks the idol created by Eklavya. Shakuni tells Duryodhana not to worry over his defeat by the Pandavas but rejoice over discovering the Pandavas before the completion of the period of incognito exile.


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Satyavati stops Gandhari from entering the wedding ceremony. All in the room except Yudhishtra seem to favor war, so Krishna is reluctant to reveal his views, but on Yudhishtra’s insistence and assurance that his brothers will always abide by his decision, He expresses his belief that one should try all avenues for peace before invoking the war.

He figures out that if he lures Draupadi away, the Pandavas would rush in to save her and he would be able to locate them. Jayadratha Captures Draupadi At Dwaitavana He reveals that he has planned not to participate in the epizode.

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Wednesday, 8 April Dhritarashtra supports Duryodhan’s decision and announces Karna as the King of Anga. Karna and Duryodhana insult the Pandavas and Draupadi to their heart’s content. Duryodhana cannot understand why so much of fuss is being made to any messenger and the event doesn’t merit any special celebration. Tg and Vidura take oaths for their respective posts. Amba returns to Hastinapur and asks Bhishma to choose either marriage or death. Contact us about this article.

In fact,Krishna says, she should have settled the scores then and there when the incident happened. Vidura informs Satyavati that Pandu has won the war. Shakuni comes to know about Gandhari’s marriage with Snu and is furious with King Subala’s decision.

Though all the three of them feel the humiliation of being saved by their enemy, they still want to save their face. Vidura assures a desolate Kunti that nothing untoward could have ever happened to the Pandavas and episoe his men to find out about their welfare.

Drupada and the King of Virata announce their full participation in the war and promise to rally the support of their allies.


Karna defends Kunti’s actions but Duryodhana begins to see shrewdness in Kunti’s actions. He answers all of Yaksha’s questions.

Pandu informs Dhritarashtra that he has decided to give him the post of advisor of the King. Dhritarashtra rejects Gandhari as his wife. Satyavati orders Bhishma to win the three daughters of King of Kashi from their seeming swayamvara, so that they can be married to Vichitravirya.

Yudhishtra expresses his gratitude to the king for hosting and taking care of them. Bhama wants the Parijata tree and Indra promises to give the tree in return for Krishna’s help in vanquishing Narakasura. He then suggests to Narada to bring a flower to be gifted to Rukmini and ensure both fight over this.

Pandu requests Kunti to give birth to four more babies. To get Bhama’s permission to kill Narakasura, Krishna suggests that Narada should initiate a fight between Rukmini and Bhama. Tuesday, 30 June Shakuni pretends to take care of Dhritarashtra and provokes him against Bhishma.

Monday, 23 February Jaydratha feels humiliated by these incidents and decides to stay back in the forest do penance to please Shiva. Vidura meets Dhritarashtra and Pandu and tells them that, only the righteous prince will be crowned the King of Hastinapur.

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Krishna asks Kunti what memories the sun evokes. It is early morning and Kunti is watching the sun rise. He directs Arjuna to go to Dwaraka and seek Krishna’s support in case of war.

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