Successfully reported this slideshow. I watched the movie, expecting to see a decent adaptation of the famous novel. The graphics look rough and unnatural. Herjunot Ali gave a brilliant and the best performance of his career as Zainuddin, delved deep into the soul of his character, with his amazing Makassar accent, as well as his sympathetically posture and expressions that will make the audiences feel and fall for him. The sinking of the ship itself is actually not the main story of this movie, not taking a long scene time, but it plays as a very important background to the story. A love oath so sacred for him that makes him unable to love another woman. But I tried to ignore the supporting cast:

The movie is a real tearjerker, with so many heartbreaking moments. I like Herjunot’s portrayal of a young man growing up in Makassar, and his accent is very convincing. The dialogue was really cheesy. Even Arzetti’s character is a typical middle-aged Minang woman, down to her appearance and accent. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Audible Download Audio Books.


There are many scenes in which I feel like the director ignores logic, or at least sumpaah not provide a convincing scene as background or explanation. The morale of the story teaches viewers many elements of life especially Tolerance, love, Sacrifice, Perseverance, and Being Religious.

This is a wonderful and a very well made high budgeted Indonesian movie with such a heart grabbing story.

For example, the scene where Hayati come to visit Zainuddin who is sick in bed, where Muluk talk to Zainuddin to build up his spirit, or Hayati’s final letter. A love oath so sacred for him that makes him unable to love another woman.

And I think she gave a pretty good performance as the vulnerable Hayati, a submissive woman who has to put her hopes and dreams under the oppressive culture and traditions of her society, indecisive to choose who’s best for her life.

The woman protagonist’s character was confusing. Published on Sep 12, The most obvious example is the pictorial of Zainuddin’s house as a very big mansion with many candle lights, a big dinner table, complete tenggelzmnya butler and housekeepers. Noer and particularly Arzetti Bilbina played their characters very well.

While trying to fit in, Zainuddin meets Hayati, the most beautiful girl in the village, who happens to be a pure Minang of aristocratic descent 8. When a line or a scene is eer taken from Buya Hamka’s book, the scene makes sense and very moving to watch.


We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Living with Zainuddin I rarely like Indonesian movies and rarely watch it, even if it is free.

The portrayal of Zainuddin, as a pribumi indigenous people living in s Surabaya under Dutch occupation, is the most disturbing aspect of the movie. Those who spent their teenage years in the 90s watching Rizal Mantovani’s music videos would know what Drr mean.

The Sinking of Van Der Wijck Honestly though I do not idolize any ban them. The technical aspects of this movie are top notch and first-class. The thing is, even though it has the potentials to become a melodramatic movie, but the film itself doesn’t fall into those melodramatic traps.

Tenggelamnya Kapal van der Wijck 1. Speaking from a Christian Chinese Indonesian perspective who fancies western movies and exposed to Western cultures, this movie is much better than Nicholas Sparks’ love birds.

I watched the movie, expecting to see a decent adaptation of the famous novel. Remove the ship scene, and I would give this movie 9 points. Zainuddin’s dress is also almost too flamboyant for a humble-writer-turn-successful-businessman.

The only let down was the sinking of ship scene. No notes for slide.

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Zainuddin is determined to leave the tragedy behind and travels to Batavia to pursue his writing career I believe that a movie should be treated differently from the book. Their modern songs with modern instruments just don’t fit in this movie. When Zainuddin tells Hayati that he will always love her, just before he is forced to leave her home village and moves to another town, he knows that his love for her is pure and true, and comes from his deepest heart.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and kaoal, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Salam special effects of the sinking ship are not as good and on par as those of the Hollywood’s, but that didn’t matter, because the essence of this movie is just not that.

Sumpay Kapal Van der Wijck English: A tragic love story adapted from the mega bestseller tenggelzmnya “Tenggelamnya Kapal van der Wijck” “Sinking of the van der Wijck”first published inwritten by Buya Hamka, a great and well known Indonesian writer. I know they’re in love just because the script say so.

For some reason every time I watch this movie feels very deeply and sadness matchless involuntarily tears me out with itself From the beautiful sceneries and cinematography, the excellent period set pieces that catch the mood and atmospheres of the Minangkabau’s village and town, and the cities of Batavia and Surabaya in the ‘s, the authentic and eye-catching set properties such as the big mansions, the old cars, the antiques and the horse racing stadium, up to the well made designed costumes, including the classy suits and dresses, complete with the stylish hats and fancy sunglasses.


If you continue wujk the site, you agree to the use of smpah on this website. Be the first to like this. This is a great Indonesian period romantic drama, a truly instant classic that may not come once in every decade. Could have been a 10 out of 10 A must see movie indeed enjoy!! So powerful, epic and breathtaking, and you will know it by your heart.

Movie Review: Tenggelamnya Kapal van der Wijck

Despite the fictitious story and characters, the background of this movie is actually based on the real historical event, the sinking of the Van der Wijck ship, a luxury Dutch liner that sank in the northern coast of Java island in 28th October Because it’s a tragedy they should also give heavy reason of Kapal Van Der Wijck sank more clearly.

Now, I am aware that different people can see things differently, and I respect their right to express their reviews here. An excellent direction from Sunil Soraya,also acted as the producer, who made a movie so beautiful, poetic and touching, and at the same time feels so extravagant and epic, with the story stays true to the novel and well capturing the main spirit told by the writer in criticizing the certain customs and traditions in the Minangkabau society at that time, such as ethnic and social status discrimination, and forced marriage.

Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. The second nice thing I can say about this movie is its pictorial of Minang landscape. Embeds 0 No embeds. Audible Download Audio Books. The very best and pride of Indonesian cinema.

Was this review helpful? He cleverly used his accent with the right timing, sometimes made it sounded a bit funny on purpose, but precisely reflecting his naturally plain good heart and honesty.

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