Retrieved April 3, Guest Cast Lindsey Shaw June. Retrieved March 28, After seeing him stare at the school jocks, she then believes that he is gay, unaware that he is really an undercover narcotics officer investigating the use of steroids. Retrieved January 6, George is confused by Dallas’ behavior, when she overacts before they actually get romantic with each other.

Meanwhile, Sheila and Lisa are at odds over an Amish dress Sheila wants Lisa to wear for dinner making Lisa attempt to rebel. Rex Lee as Mr. Parker Young as Ryan Shay. Emmett Altman Natasha Leggero Tessa begins to gloat to Dalia about how Scott chose to be with her, but the more time she spends with Scott the less attraction she has for him. Tessa meets Mark, her male counterpart at a college party and they soon begin dating.

Eden moves in with Oolicy and Tessa, shaking up the household. Tessa and Ryan spend Valentine’s Day evening watching an arthouse film, that has Ryan emotionally moved, but ends up confusing Tessa.

Open Door Policy

Upon returning, she continues to be interested in her mother’s life and decides to perform at the local talent epiisode. Meanwhile, Tessa learns that Ryan is coming home for a visit-and that he’s bringing his new girlfriend.

Lisa has a crush on Josh and tries to prove to Tessa that Josh is in fact straight. Sheila asks Tessa to set Lisa up for a blind date.



Dallas opens a crystal paper weight store. When Sheila’s precious Shirley Temple doll collection is stolen, Tessa can’t help but be amused and admits to the crime, despite being innocent, in a bid to move back to New York. Jocelyn Arden Myrin seduces George and they finally have sex. La La Opem 6. George catches Dallas’ husband Steven chatting up a woman.

Retrieved March 2, However, Tessa is too horrified by all the big-haired, fake-boobed mothers, over-manicured lawns and shallow classmates to bond with her father.

Tessa is asked to guide Josh Sherman Dan Byrdthe new guy in school.

Tessa and Ryan go out together, and are spotted by Lisa, who surprisingly takes it well. After losing her friend Lisa to marriage and failing at an attempt to reconnect with Ryan, Tessa joins some elderly ladies in a quilting circle. Lee on Split Seasons, Episode Orders”. Retrieved March 13, Sheila Shay Chris Parnell Tessa can’t stand the thought of spending Thanksgiving in the ‘burbs, so Dallas takes her for a day in the city. Dallas undergoes a major botox procedure, which ends up making her look disfigured, forcing George to eat an course meal all openn himself, prepared by Chef Julio Michael Voltaggio.


Noah once again tries to seek Carmen’s attention.

Suburgatory Season 3 Episode 3 “Open Door Policy” Guide

Log in with Facebook. Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Despite her dating his therapist, Noah continues to obsess over Carmen.

Retrieved May 18, Evan Sam Lernera nerd at school, invites Tessa, Lisa and Malik to his pirate-themed birthday party. George becomes polidy about Tessa when she becomes more enthusiastic about working at Dallas’ store. Retrieved May 3, George becomes obsessed about his figure to make the December page of the annual “Fathers of Chatswin” calendar. Dalia Royce credit only Allie Grant Tessa decides to reunite George and his old flame Zoe Gloria Votsisbecause she blames herself for their breakup.

Already have an account? Audible Download Audio Books. Corie Vickers as Woman. Tessa begins to feel left out after finding out that Lisa has become good friends with June.

Retrieved February 10,

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