He is not just copping a happy feel; trembling, he is approaching the altar of Woman. I almost walked out after twenty minutes, but I’m glad I stayed – there are some powerful archetypal figures here. Enter Chang, who must be considered a pure fantasy. Julian, a drug-smuggler thriving in Bangkok’s criminal underworld, sees his life get even more complicated when his mother compels him to find and kill whoever is responsible for his brother’s recent death. Or does it show us Julian’s deep love and gratitude towards the lawman powerful enough to liberate him? This movie is fascinating! Hence the importance of cutting, of severing, of dismemberment for the perverse subject: Notice too how Refn’s dojo is a surreal labyrinth:

The music electro-pop and Vithaya’s interpretations are in total agreement with the progression of the story and the pictures. Behind this door in his unconscious hides his castrating, phallic mother. Of course, the super-phallic, super-castrating father that the perverse subject needs to accomplish this amputation is a formidable figure in his own right, one who is hardly better than the phallic mother in a certain sense. All the characters in this movie are unlikable. For Julian to save some shred of masculinity, he needs a father strong enough to castrate his mother. Drive had a pretty brisk pace, good dialogue, a plot that went somewhere, and a likable character. Kristin Scott Thomas is very good, although she feels underused. Nicolas Winding Refn Writer:

Lots of violent, strange et slow films have been presented at the Cannes film festival since its creation but yet every time a film pushes the boundaries of violence while keeping its own style, most critics go mad and sometimes shout at the screening, even leaving the theater before the end and calling it “outrageous”.

We remain completely speechless front of the pictures that are beautiful, surprising and deeply disturbing. The slow fotgives and static shots seem gratuitous at first, but as the movie picks up steam, we begin to understand their raison d’etre: You’ll need to create yourself a part of the story because it’s a movie between reality and nightmare.

Critics have gone way too hard on this movie.

We have Julian, played by Ryan Gosling, who is even emptier than the character tify portrayed in Drive. The actors succeed in transmitting the feelings and impressions of the characters with simple glances. This is a movie which moves along at a snail’s pace, and even at a runtime of 90 minutes, it feels like many hours go by before even a single thing happens. We then see him walking down a scary hallway. Chang cuts his subtitlfs off. Either Nicholas Winding Refn is a Freudian scholar who has made a didactic film illustrating the nuances of the Oedipus complex, or psychic reality really does have an Oedipal structure.


Production design and the places make us perfectly return in the dark side of the film. This movie is fascinating! The director had already made other movies just like this, but they did not encounter a really large audience. Only God Forgives had none of that. Cinemathography is beautifully worked, use of the red light is perfect, framing also.

Vithaya Pansringarm, who plays a prominent role in the movie, is as expressionless as Gosling, although he is somewhat better, in my opinion. The perverse subject, however, has not accomplished this step. The clinic shows us that nothing destroys a son’s sexuality like a phallic, castrating mother.

Subtitles for YIFY movie Only God Forgives

Drive was his first really big success and also his first film taking place in America, starring a worldwide known star Gosling and going deep into its message while keeping a more specific style than his other films.

With a lot of silence and a minimalist screenplay. Now, it happens that for perverse subjects like Julian and, I am guessing, the directorthe unconscious representation at the heart of their suffering is that of the phallic mother. Aside from Scott Thomas’ acting, the only other redeeming quality of this film is the excellent way in which most scenes are set up and shot.

Like all perverse subjects, Julian is haunted by the fantasy of the maternal phallus. Even the characters move and turn slowly. If you’ve seen Drive, then you should know that this movie is nothing like it, except perhaps in the fact that they are both beautifully shot. When it comes to the acting Gosling subtites not disappoints however this time Refn wanted to do the opposite that he did in Drive: Julian’s fight with Chang, in which he gets beaten up terribly, is an illustration of the logic of masochism: He barely speaks, has no center, and cannot be a man with the woman he loves.

Nicolas Winding Refn Writer: He is still stuck in his mother’s body, and yiy such he does not have the right to any sort yiify accomplished manhood.


But saving the best for the end, Vithaya Pansringarm, an actor totally unknown to me until know, plays wonderfully his role as the mystical bad guy, and really did surprise me by the quality of his acting.

The sets, the camera movement, the placement of the actors, all of these make up for some truly gorgeous shots.

He doesn’t really succeed. He is not just copping a happy feel; trembling, he is approaching the altar of Woman. This film, along with “Anti-Christ” is a perfect example of the type of scandals that go on at Cannes for quite stupid reasons. Here, Winding Refn has really indulged in a lot of gratuitous gore, although overall, I found the action scenes quite entertaining.

In the subtitle scene, Gosling opens the door in reality and finds The movie is worth seeing for this character alone. It is extremely difficult to get yourself to care for any of them, including Gosling’s, who is arguably the protagonist here.


He cannot understand that the essence of femininity is infinite interiority. It is simple either one loves, or one hates this film.

This is how the Oedipus complex “normally” operates. If you know Nicolas Winding Refn’s style and like it then you’ll enjoy this movie but if you’ve only seen Drive and believe this is going to be in the same style because of the same actor, similar cinematography, same musical style However, his violence is essentially just and limited by the Law, whereas the violence of the maternal superego knows no limits. Kristin Scott Thomas is very good, although she feels underused.

Here Refn feels a lot more goc, and comes back to his original style in directing films such as Valhalla Rising: But there was nothing to flesh out, was there?

He extends his hand to open a dark door when At the end, the disappearance of Subritles mother his simply led to the masochistic fetishization of Chang. Just the story of a lost man who seeks his way, other side sybtitles cop who thinks he is God.

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