Retrieved from ” https: The children set off to find mysterious castaways that are stranded on an island shaped like a butt. Marc Summers and John Harvey as themselves. Retrieved February 25, Retrieved September 29, Retrieved September 9, Sanjay and Craig find an abandoned bike, but they must deal with Chido, the original owner who wants it back. Dillinger Softlips steals a bunch of alien dinosaur eggs and it’s up to Tufflips and a baby dinosaur named Pepe to stop him.

The children try to imagine the purpose of a mysterious object. Archived from the original on November 16, Sanjay and Craig learn that Hector has never barfed in his entire life, so they try to make him puke. The town plays a game involving pantsing people for a grand prize. When the Patels take a family vacation to India, Sanjay and Craig get to star as extras in a new Tufflips movie being directed by Ronnie, who gets into a breakdown when his brother’s relationship with Sanjay stresses him out. Sanjay takes credit on Craig’s invention and Craig goes to top him off with another invention. Son of the Bronx.

Tufflips tells 5 Halloween stories in this episode.

Sanjay and Craig Season 1 Episode 8 – Wolfie – HQ – – video dailymotion

Retrieved March 18, Retrieved 10 September Sanjay and Craig celebrate their “friend-iversary” at a Frycade sleepover event, but the night doesn’t go as Sanjay plans. The kids try craiy recruit Tufflips for their bicycle gang, but upon learning that he cannot ride a bike, they dedicate themselves to teaching him. The kids find some rare candies at Hector’s house known as Flip Flopas, but when they discover a trick behind the etinkboy, they crajg and antidote.

Vijay gets a new high-tech car, much to Sanjay and Craig’s dismay. Sanjay becomes pregnant with a fart after holding one in to avoid farting in front of Belle Pepper. SanjayandCraig” Tweet — via Twitter. Retrieved June 27, The Dicksons invite Sanjay and Craig over, only to discover that their lives are totally different than their lives. Son of the Bronx.


E;isode Sanjay sneaks into Ronnie’s house to save Craig, Ronnie and his security try to stop them by using shovels, but when Sanjay tells Danjay he doesn’t have to be alone, the securities stop throwing things, at the end, Ronnie learns anx lesson, Craig opens up to Sanjay’s parents and tells them that he can talk, but they knew he could talk a long time ago. Sanjay and Craig must keep Belle’s after work partying a secret from Penny. Retrieved January 19, Sanjay is accidentally bitten and envenomed by Craig.

Retrieved July 28, On September 12,Sanjay and Craig was renewed for a second season by Nickelodeon and began airing July 12, Retrieved May 5, The gang wishes every day was Halloween, so they decide to make it happen. Pages with reference errors Pages with duplicate reference names.

Sanjay strands his pals on a highway median, fraig everyone gets upset during the experience. Sanjay and Craig seek to create a symphony of farts, and one person holds the one they desperately need: Harvey Beaks — Junior Squealers, 8: The kids try to reach Heat Nirvana level to experience the coolness of Lake Lundgren.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on November 18, Farmer Sginkboy is offered lawyers who are actually Sanjay and Craig in disguise. Sanjay and Craig, upon hearing that Sanjay’s mother is about to help in a “butt stnkboy, try to sneak into the hospital to view it. The kids are desperate to get the most popular toy in town, but their attempts are thwarted by the snobby Benji Warlin.


When Craig joins Sanjay at stuntman school, he finds that his best bud is living in the shadow of Stasi Stuntman, an academic overachiever. Sanjay and Craig plan on starting a web-show where they prank others, based on Raska’s hit web-show.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The children set off to find mysterious castaways that are stranded on an island shaped like a butt. Retrieved November 16, But since Craig has an appetite for gerbils, Sanjay tries to get him to see Booger Johnson as a friend.

Sanjay finds out to be allergic to Craig, only to find out the cure is wing sauce.


Sanjay is finally tall enough to ride what he believes to be the scariest ride at the carnival, but he may not be able to go through with it.

Retrieved March 4, Sanjay and Craig are forced to go on a play date with Noodman’s nephew, Randy. When Penny and Belle have a plumbing problem, Sanjay offers them to stay at his house. The kids are convinced that there is a universe in an old milkshake cup.

When Sanjay and Craig petsit Sweet Cheeks, a coyote unexpectedly breaks into the house. The gang go to the Tufflips camp. Almost unable to move, cdaig taught how to live as a snake by Craig. Sanjay must keep Belle upstairs because he thinks that the video is embarrassing. Sanjay, Hector, and Megan try to push a giant boulder down the lake, while Craig tries to prove that Magnetic Snakes are real.

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