It knocks some stones onto the tracks which derail Koko and leave her dangling over an edge. Harrison wants to pull the royal carriage, but doesn’t follow the rules in the race to get the job, and as a result has to spend time refreshing his skills with the trainees. To get the badge, Wilson has to invent a new and fun workout for himself. Wilson has to teach Hoot and Toot how to use the paint wagon. Wilson tries to be helpful by cleaning the underground tunnels for Eddie and Hodge, but ends up making a huge mess. Chuggington is an animated television series for children. Calley worries she doesn’t have a specialty, but proves she is a great all-rounder.

Wilson needs to remember where he’s going, and not let himself get distracted. He is the main engine for pulling the mail train. Brewster and Wilson must help others on and around the tracks. Zephie takes newspaper reporter Rag and photographer Snap to the depot to do a story about Morgan’s new rail cycle. Wilson has difficulty collecting pumpkins for Frostini so Hoot and Toot decide to lend a wheel. The Chuggineers work to build a new high speed link to Tootington.

Wilson struggles to concentrate when working towards the Fire Warden badge. Wilson plays around with the storm maker simulator, and accidentally unleashes a violent storm.

During a training qukzzes, Wilson and the rest of Chug Patrol must evacuate animals from the safari park. Wilson is sent to a mystery location and needs to find his way home.


Meanwhile, Brewster and Koko are in the mine when they feel the tremble. A problem occurs when the chuggineers build a bridge for a new high-speed link to Tootington – but eagle-eyed Brewster saves the day. M’tambo gives the King of Buffertonia a tour of the safari park. Ling has Brewster test her new creation, the Chug Booster, but it malfunctions and becomes dangerous when it overspeeds.


List of Chuggington episodes – Wikipedia

Hoot and Toot have to recycle everything thoroughly. He is also the main engine for the Flying Kipper. Skylar replaces Dunbar as teacher of the trainees, and teaches the trainees about using a grab-crane, but Brewster misses Dunbar. Irving leaves Koko in charge of the recycling yard while he is away, but she doesn’t listen properly to his instructions.

Not only that, but we got introduced to many characters that we would grow up to love and to recognize. The trainees each carry an animal to the new safari park.

Jackman, Asher, Puffer Pete, Olwin and Koko have to struggle down an icy slope to get to the inacssible frozen over docks to get fuel for all the chuggers when an ice storm hits Chuggington and fuel supplies run low. Wilson takes pictures of Chuggington residents with seasoj camera car. Some of the episodes include a large diesel mobile crane the character Skylar in the introduction sequence.

Calley worries she doesn’t have a specialty, but proves she is a great all-rounder. Wilson learns some tricks that will help him memorize things and so improve his concentration. It is a combination of two episodes from Series 4 “Rescue wteamteam Rocky Ridge” and “Wilson’s Forest Flare” with additional footage providing a transition between the two episodes, including Wilson being shown the facilities offered by the new Chug Patrol Headquarters.

Thomas He is a cheeky engine as well as being the 1.

Koko gets addicted to a video game while trying to beat Hodge’s score, causing her to become unsafe on the rails. Frostini is helped by Wilson and the safari park monkeys when creating a new flavour of ice cream. Wilson doesn’t pay attention when learning from M’tambo and gets seasonn animal facts mixed up when giving a tour.


Brewster learns to share the workload with his teammates.

Wilson competes with Brewster to become Frostini’s assistant but has to help Old Puffer Pete in the process. Old Puffer Pete goes sleep riding around Chuggington, so Wilson tries to find a solution to keep him safe. When he runs out of water, Wilson must think on his wheels during a special fire-training exercise.

Meanwhile, Action Chugger falls out of the sky while flying to the film set, and Brewster has to rescue him. Wilson learns how to keep the quizzds safe. The trainees take a brake test. Border Bridge quiizzes reopening and it’s decided that Wilson will make a live report, but he needs to rescue Hoot and Toot from the ice cave first.

A photographer comes to Chuggington to do a feature on steam trains. Hoot and Toot must deliver their cargo before sunrise. Wilson needs to remember where he’s going, and not let himself get distracted. Eddie is constantly late quizaes work, so Wilson, Koko, Brewster, Hodge, and Zephie help him by finding him a new house.

Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 21 June Related wiki Justin Roiland. It’s Wilson, Brewster and Koko’s first day to try out their new advanced training gear. This article needs additional citations for verification. Koko and Brewster become Wilson’s deputy chug patrollers when Chatsworth is stuck in a tunnel. Hoot and Toot have to make a delivery, but Hoot mixes up the loads and Toot gets upset quizzes him. Ready To Build” which was first broadcast in Canada on 5 May

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