Voyager has toyed with experimental storytelling during this third season, but has always backed away from the more extreme possibilities. Nobody on the cast has acknowledged the death of Seska or Lon Suder, let alone Hogan. Brannon Braga Joe Menosky. The series repeatedly suggests that there is a future version of Starfleet that stands guard over the timeline in much the same way that Starfleet has traditionally protected space. Indeed, Distant Origin touches on the interesting gulf that exists between the national or species myth of the Voth and their material history. There is very little about Distant Origin that demands to be set in the Delta Quadrant.

Eventually, Voyager ‘s sensors detect the use of cloaking technology on board the ship, and the crew uncloaks Gegen and Veer. The apple is one of the most potent Christian symbols, a metaphor for the knowledge than Adam claimed before being exiled from Paradise; it is a symbol that has come to represent forbidden scientific knowledge. Henry Woronicz – Prof. Of course, Distant Origin does not commit entirely to this alien perspective. To save them, Gegen retracts his theory, resigning himself to the fact that the Voth’s true heritage will remain a secret — for now. This is a really well thought out and “realistic” offering.

Professor Gegen and his assistant Veer find the remains of a Starfleet officer in a cave on an alien world. Indeed, that is the lasting legacy of Distant Origin. It is an archetypal Star Trek vooyager with a lot of resonance that uses a science-fiction premise to make a number of very astute observations about the modern world.

This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat The Votg are repeatedly demonstrated to be highly invested in this national myth.

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It is an episode of Voyager that succeeds by abandoning the unique signifiers of Voyager. Trials are really hard, because you want to keep things moving. Taken to its logical extreme, belief in evolution is arguably the acceptance that there is nothing innately special about how mankind developed and that their position at the top of the food chain is just down to chance rather than purpose. These scientists, who no reference for hair, come up with an image of a human. Edit Storyline A Voth scientist finds the remains of a Voyager crewman who died on the planet where the crew was exiled by the Kazon during the two-part episode “Basics”.


Distant Origin

Use the HTML below. One of the most pervasive and enduring conspiracy theories, championed by people like David Icke, suggests that there are actually hyper-evolved lizard epusode living in secret among mankind.

The show has largely abandoned its core premise, moving away from the television show promised by Caretaker in favour of something more generic.

But the hair placement and distribution is absolutely correct. You might be interested in our other reviews from the third season of Star Trek: Gegen feels the evidence holds the key to the real origins of his race, the Votha saurian species that he suspects got its start in a distant part of the galaxy. In some ways, it seems like a confession. Distant Origin also represents something of a goth for Voyager. Share this Rating Title: The acting, the effects, and the directing … It was a very complex [and] ambitious show that really turned out great.

He described it as “the perfect episode” because it included not only that metaphor, but also a “what-if” science fiction premise and a unique structure as the episode follows the Voth as they investigate the humans. However, the allegory is powerful enough that it maintains a potency even beyond that. Tom Paris Ethan Phillips Minister Odala Nina Minton Stories should serve characters, rather than vice versa. It seems strange the Voth would migrate so far in search of a place to call home.

It is just so absurd. Charged with heresy by the Voth elders, Chakotay is the best proof of Gegen’s theories. In Rememberit was the reality of holocaust denial. The episode clearly has much graver consequences for Professor Gegen than for any of the Voyager characters.

While tracking and studying the Voyager crew, the scientist and his aide are discovered; they eventually pool their knowledge and conclude that the saurian is an evolved dinosaur from a species that left Earth more than 65 million years earlier. It is an incremental process, but I think there is a fair delineation to be made. Man of the clothe. Films like JFK and shows like The X-Files frequently invited viewers to question whether they fully understood the history of the United States, threading cover-ups and obfuscations through established facts and details.


A variety of variants on the Voth were created that hadn’t been seen in “Distant Origin”, such as those in powered armour as well as raptors – an enemy type far more similar to typical dinosaurs.

The development team had previously hoped to introduce the species, but that idea was scrapped. Although Michael Piller had left the production team on Voyager at the beginning of the fourth season to work on Star Trek: Odala accuses Gegen of being a destructive influence on Voth society and orders him to disavow his claims. Nobody on Voyager grapples with the tough choices that must come from being the only Federation ship on this side of the galaxy. Still, there is no denying the impact that Distant Origin had upon Voyager as a television show.

Over whether the sun was the center of the universe.

In Distant Originit is the age-old conflict of science-against-political-expedience. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It would be interesting to try to build a TV voyagr around the Voth you could imagine an audience laughing their heads off at the scene when Gegen catches a fly in his mouth with his tongue.

There is no small irony here. It is an episode that feels as relevant twenty years after broadcast as it did upon initial airing. Voyager is transported inside a massive Episoode city-ship. Distant Origin is certainly a great piece of Star Trek. You could do really weird angles coming up, and really strong profiles, and do weird kinda tracking shots.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Notify me of new posts via email. These myths are comforting vpth believe, but bear little relation to the truth. Quotes [ on the clicking sounds made by the cloaked Voth ] Lieutenant Tom Paris: Indeed, Distant Origin touches on the interesting gulf that exists between the national or species myth of the Voth and their material history.

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