So they are typically wholly ignorant when it comes to the questions of interpretation that existed already in the early Church, and the commentaries by the early Church Fathers, or by later, medieval theologians such as say, Aquinas, or Bonaventure, or Ockham, and so on. Arguably the advanced Vissians “should have known better” than to not anticipate some attempt at interference from the new-to-space humans perhaps even on this particular issue considering that they know that three genders is not the norm in the galaxy. Not the genocide though. Reed hits it off with a female Vissian tactical officer, while Trip meets the Vissian chief engineer and his wife. It’s really that simple. I see that you realize this:

The Prime Directive covers that situation, but it also covers warp-capable civilizations that are not Federation members. That doesn’t make any sense. And if Trip had been anywhere else but in deep space, he would have been dismissed, and rightly so, for doing what he did. Let’s not sugarcoat this decision with ridiculous talk about the moralities of alien civilizations. Dare I think how more graceful this entire episode would have been, if the crusader for the cogenitor’s existential rights had been someone like These aliens are not human and do not need to be placed on a pedestal of human values. But now we have to episodes almost next to each other where his moral views are in complete opposition. The result, she is assaulted by one of the Vulcans and develops Pinar Syndrome.

The Vissian engineer invites Trip to explore the engineering department on the Vissian ship.

He hasn’t set a solid or consistent enough example on the interference issue, and he hasn’t gotten through to Trip or his crew. Think also how all over Europe, depending on many factors and time periods, women and men would be sent to convents as nuns and monks in order to regulate birth rates.

Your willfully stupid hypocrisy is showing. Without Judeo-Christian values, most cultures did not have an issue on slavery; labor or sexual to begin with.


[ENT] Jammer’s Review: “Cogenitor”

It appears that the writers were trying to convey how societal conventions and norms can so readily castt how we think and stifle our conscience and humanity — how someone who swims against this stream in this cogenitof, Trip is often silenced and shamed. To reduce morality as T’Pol does by calling it an “opinion” is quite wrong and really reflects poorly on Vulcans in general. Using scavenged wreckage to enhance the transport, they then escape into space, upgrading it with a faster than standard warp drive and weapons.

More annoying is that there’s no subtlety in the supposed message the writers tried to convey. Later communications, however, reveal that the now despondent Charles has committed suicide, thereby delaying the birth of the Vissian’s child, and straining the relations between the two species. Easy 4 stars for me. When Trip teaches the cogenitor caet read, she’s able to learn in a single day.

This episode had the potential to be one of Enterprise’s very best episodes but was ruined by the morally bankrupt ending. I don’t think Archer is wrong though. We’re in no rush to leave.

That doesn’t make any shar. YOU are the captain of a starship. Michelle Erica Green, while writing for Trek Nationdescribed “Cogenitor” as the best episode of Enterprise up to that time implying that it surpassed even ” Dear Doctor ” and noted similarities to The Handmaid’s Tale and the Xenogenesis trilogy Lilith’s Brood. Because he thought the loss of the cogenitor would have severe repercussions on the society? Can you be more specific? D Well, this is what I have to say: Phlox and T’Pol are familiar with three-sexed species, but this is a new one for Trip and, for that matter, for the Star Trek audience in general.

I really liked this episode, but was very put off by Archer’s high-handed dressing down enterorise Trip at the end. He has done way worse. Vissian society is also to blame for treating fellow sentients like chattels. Str suppose this alternate Earth develops warp drive, and meets They have been and in enterrprise societies still are banned from getting an education, they have been banned from most meaningful occupations, and have frequently been seen as having no value except to provide male children.


Just goes to show how utterly bad this series is so far. In The Communicator he sends a civilization into a deadly war because these people shouldn’t trsk three advanced transistors and two futuristic condensors in a piece of equipment.

Archer says as much in his tirade. On the whole, “Cogenitor” is an Enterprise -specific episode of Trek that takes advantage of this series’ premise. Having friendly aliens was refreshing, the experience shown between the two captains was excellent and A.

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Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes. Writers Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens pitched a story to be used for season five of Enterprise which would have followed up on the events in “Regeneration”.

At the end of the episode when Captain Archer is berating Commander Tucker, Tucker tells the Capt that he was just doing what the Captain would have done, and that is absolutely true.

In the Federations individuals have self determination, no matter how badly other individuals need or don’t need them. The Vissian captain contacts Archer — the cogenitor has committed suicide.

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