Smriti is already married to her college sweetheart, famous lawyer named Mihir Sanghvi Mahesh in Tamil and is pregnant with his child. Purva finds Akashi crying on their doorstep, but she refuses to tell anybody what happened. Kamini brings a young physocology student named Mansi to the house. She still mistreats Smriti and doesn’t like her at all. Everyone plans for a surprise for Purva and Mihir. Search for ” Behenein ” on Amazon. An upset Bhavesh goes to the spot of Jigna’s death and breaks down. Karan kidnaps her upon realizing this.

Just when they start to get intimate, Smriti’s lookalike, Aastha Asha in Tamil enters their life with a guy named Karan. Purva asks Akashi why she went ahead with the abortion. The couple is surprised to see the decorations in the house. Shamar confronts Viren and blames him for ruining his life. This story is about five sisters: Purva is a free-spirited girl who is grounded in the values given to her by her parents. All Shows of Star Plus.

Akashi is delighted to hear that Shamar starts working hard day and night for a secured future for his child. Here, it is revealed that Karan was Jigna’s murderer and that Jigna had been his girlfriend.

Purva refuses to believe her and slaps her instead. It is also revealed that Jigna’s death happened by an accident which encountered her. Later they find out that the girl whom they thought was Puchki wasn’t her and that Puchki was alive as Akashi visits the Sanghvi house one day claiming that she saw Puchki while she was out shopping, but she got into a car with a man who turns out to be her father who wanted to sell her for money.


Behnein [ Episode 81] – 28th May 2010 pt4

Mihir thinks about Nisha and worries about her well being. Smriti comes to Purva to deliver her wedding card. Start With a Classic Cult. Gomti watches as Shamar tries to drma together a meal for himself.

Mihir, stunned by these words, watches Shamar stamp out of the house. They bring her to her original home but Kamini isn’t happy because she thinks it will create a rift between Purva and Mihir’s relationship.

Here she gives birth to a healthy baby boy without any problems. Later, Jay apologises to Mihir for his rudeness and Purva pacifies Jay. Later, Kshitij is happy drams see Akashi at his place, and invites her in. Rama is really upset and blames it all on Purva because Rama thinks she lost Puchki in the first place when she really didn’t.

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Here, Akashi gets injured and bleeds and is given a lot of care and affection by Shamar which finally makes things better between them. She loses her daughter Puchki because her husband, a wicked man kidnaps her. Not finding her, they all are worried and start to wonder whether death encountered her leading to Purva and Mihir arguing with one another.

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. However, Shalaka dislikes Purva as she is Smriti’s sister. He races behind Purva and Mihir to stop her. Purva tells Akashi that she is very happy for all and also expresses her wish that everything goes well between her and Shamar’s relationship. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.


Current broadcasts on StarPlus. Pageviews for each item are divided by the aggregate bennein of pageviews generated by the items displayed. Akashi trips and Shamar catches her just in time. He falls in love with Anjali in Shimla, but Anjali has no idea of his This site uses cookies.

Behnein – 3rd june 10pt3

Bhavesh refuses to believe Mihir when he tries tells him the Jigna’s death was accidental. Karan manages to find out that Shamar was responsible for the accident, even though he didn’t intend to do so. Like Nimaben, he only cares for money.

See what’s trending now. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Purva asks Mihir to help her stop Akashi. They ill treat her and drive her insane by keeping Prem away from her and proving her to be an irresponsible mother. Akashi hides the truth from her and assures her of getting Shamar out of prison soon.

So, one day he takes Akashi on a ride and hits a tree. Nisha thanks the family for their hospitality and requests the family to get Smriti and Jay married. This had been the first time Mihir lost a case, and he feels that Shamar is innocent and that someone gave drugs to Jigna and left her on the bridge, so that she would hit an oncoming vehicle and her death would seem like an accident.

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