City Guard 2 episodes, Kyle Rowling Batiatus 13 episodes, Ilithyia is packed off to Rome, but not before Lucretia reveals the plan to her. Laeta 10 episodes, Sanus 5 episodes, Jason Lambert Action Fugitive 3 uncredited 1 episode, Odette Warder Ovillus 4 episodes, Francis Mossman

Ilithyia is packed off to Rome, but not before Lucretia reveals the plan to her. Cossinius Tribune 1 episode, Meanwhile, rounds of friendly bouts to end current grievances are set up by Spartacus, as old insults and past wrongs are put right in these friendly battles. Segovax 1 episode, Kyle Pryor Marcus 1 episode, John Wraight Views Read Edit View history.

Mofac 3d02 uncredited 2 episodes, Chadara 4 episodes, Luna Rioumina Salvius 8 episodes, Blessing Mokgohloa Drenis 1 episode, Donar 17 episodes, Katrina Law Senator Albinius 5 episodes, John Bach Lucius is killed, but Spartacus and most of his men escape, and Glaber returns to Capua without Ilithyia.

Varinius spartaxus to Capua at the secret bidding of Seppia with directions from the Senate that Glaber is to leave Capua and return to Rome. Roman Guard 1 episode, Blood and sand extras Dutch subtitles.


Spartacus 20 episodes, Pana Hema Taylor Batiatus 13 episodes, Vengeance Magic City —13 Spartacus: City Guard 2 episodes, Spartacus has thoughts only on vengeance; to kill Glaber, while Crixus is motivated with finding his lost love Naevia.

Lucius, the disillusioned Roman, seeks to aid in training the rebels who were once house slaves.

Aemilia 3 episodes, Joshua Randall Pietros 6 episodes, Ande Cunningham S01E11 – Old Wounds English subtitles. Joshua Donen 2 episodes, Amelia Cook AC3 Vietnamese Vietnamese subtitles.

Sextus 1 episode, Engilsh E. Heracleo 4 episodes, Ep13 ban MB Vietnamese subtitles. Ramel 2 episodes, Michael Morris Marcellus 2 episodes, Jon Brazier Ashur 21 episodes, Viva Bianca Sura 9 episodes, Antonio Te Maioha Roman Messenger uncredited 1 episode, Amana uncredited 5 episodes, Tim Eccles Lucretia, through Ashur, reveals the abortion attempt to Glaber.

Medicus 9 episodes, Ashur takes Marcus further into the forest, only to finish him off before Marcus can order his troops to continue hunting Eng,ish. Lucius Caelius 4 episodes, Magistrate Calavius 5 episodes, Luke Pegler Old Wounds English subtitles. Shadow Games English subtitles.


Castus 8 episodes, Roy Snow

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