Here, you will see a device with two platforms which will rotate the device left or right depending on which ledge you step on. Follow the bottom path to a chest containing the Cataract Seal, which is your third key. Defeat the bouncing robot enemy, then step on the blue switch and enter the next room. Head right and drop off the other end, and continue to the chest in the bottom corner. Go through the door to reach the next room, and make your way downward through that room as well. Go through the door, then return so you reset the room. Defeat the dolphin with an afro, then use Dragon Wario to clear the red fire block above. Shoot the chain of the next chandelier to the right twice, then hop onto it.

Jazz trumpeter Nate Wooley’s quartet tackles a big landscape, a big reaction, and a big chill on the complex and patient new album, Columbia Icefield. This time, roll the ice ball down the hill to open a hidden path in the ground. Down there, open the chest to receive the “Rare Gem Cereal”. Use Genius Wario to find the hidden path below, then use Cosmic Wario to activate the special switch in the wall. Caviar Map for this episode. You need to login to do this. This will allow you to activate yellow switches in the next several rooms up to eight times before you have to come back and recharge how many charges you have left will be designated by a 8-square box in the background in the right side of this room and in other rooms.

Light the torch to reveal a ladder; climb down to a chest containing the “Telemarketer’s Bane”.

Wario: Master of Disguise – Walkthrough

Before you climb it, go into the west room and use Dragon Wario to clear the fire blocks. Ride the platform upward and light the torch near soltion peak.


Drop to the middle platform and go right, pushing the block off the far end of the platform. After the fight, you will find out that the Wishstone is actually split into five pieces, and you’ve only recovered the first piece here.

Switching disguises utilizes the touch screen and can be rather tedious, but you can episod to it after a while. Jump onto it, then over to the upper-right platform. FROG Half-empty or half-full, they look the same. Hop onto the top platform and open the chest to find the “Turbo Chompers” treasure.

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Climb the ladders to the top level, then wariio the switch to the left to open the door outside. This is the first of four crystals used to open the statue room.

This time, roll the ice ball down the hill to open a hidden path in the ground. In that room, go across the ice to the left, then use Captain Wario to swim over the rapid-moving water if you have the mastery gem, shoot torpedoes at the blocks below so you can reach the chest with the “Odd Lucky Thingie” treasure inside.

Wario: Master of Disguise

Wario, of course, being Wariotook Goodstyle for himself. Exit the room, then shoot the switch through the diagonal opening above. Go against the current and open the chest in that alcove to get the Sweatmore Peak Map. From there, drop off the right side and land in the lower-right corner.

Wario: Master of Disguise – Episode 3 Riddle FAQ

Avoid the poisonous gas, then switch to Thief Wario and enter the next episde. His machine will try to disghise you if you get close, as well as perform a dashing punch duck to avoid. With this coil in hand, climb back down to the lower area and use Dragon Wario to fall through the thin floor. Wait for the smaller water drop to fall, then slide to the left. There, stun the guard and become Genius Wario to reveal hidden moving platforms.


For the last part of the room, you will have a single platform with a switch on it it will stay depressed if you stand on it continuouslywhich triggers a gate above. Master of Disguise plays it extremely safe. If you trip one, the gates will close and you will have to hit the switch again.

Use Dragon Wario to watio the unlit torch, then ride the moving platform to the left. Luckily you can defeat them, so it’s just a matter of paying attention.

There, go down and to the left, and light the torch to make a door appear.

When the left gate opens, ignore that room for now. After that, go through the hidden path in the right wall to reach the next room. Their charm seems to lie in the character of the Mushroom Kingdom as a whole. This will allow you to create boxes out of thin air. After he runs off, you will have to find a way to retrieve the crimson gem.

Leave this room, then hit the switch and open the gate leading into the following room. Beware of the electrical currents on your way up, stepping off the switch to stop the elevator if needed each press uses up one of your eight charges, keep that in mind.

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