Despite the fact that the SZ didn’t recognize Greek characters for example, it was able to playback the file. Don’t forget that if you have internet access, your player can be updated online to upgrade it with new features and of course, fix possible bugs. On the Wi-Fi setup, you can select the preferred network connection, set up authentication and various other settings. Dec 6, Messages: I watched for about 10 minutes and it played flawlessly. Because when the new high-def formats arrive, I doubt some Linux wonder kid will be able to crack its copyright protection, so that we can watch re-compressed back-ups over our networks!

Pretty good price if it’ll give me a nicer looking, hidef XBMC. Perhaps a full, optional keyboard would be much better. If you leave the player without activity for sometime, a screensaver will be enabled:. No Player locks up, needs hardware reset! Try using the players analogue outputs DennisT , Nov 2, It also has the ability to stream audio, video, picture contents from your PC to any TV or home theater system.

SnaZio* Net DVD Cinema HD

We would have to wait until later on this year, with the new series of desktop players using the EML chipset that is capable of handling H files. You just launch it hx it works. Re the 13mb ‘limit’ this is rubbish, it can deal with every ts file I have thrown at it. It really sucks that it doesn’t play at all.


Snazio net cinema hd download

I created a little website with some pictures of the packaging, contents and player for those that are interested: The player itself is very small and lightweight. A GUI inconvenience snzaio found which was also present on the IODATA AveLink2is if a disc has many folders, when you enter a folder, move down its list of folders and enter the 5th sub folder for example, when you then wnazio back to the original folder, the menu doesn’t mark the 5th folder again, so that if you want to now go to the 6th folder, you need to scroll down all folders again from the top.

But then neither can my PC! There are hints, that the chipset can reach 15Mbit. You can also add a username to prevent unauthorized access:. Unacceptable if you ask me and the player should not have been released with this bug. I ended up with a p image after several presses which gave me access to the setup screen.

When pressing “play” from these modes, player jumps forward again. Unfortunately, subtitles are not supported. The built-in browser isn’t very capable of handling most websites like www. By pressing the URL button on the remote, you can start typing the desired address. Torrentz free download english movies. After forever envision mp3 downloads.

Neil69Nov 2, Nov 2, at 5: In the meantime use component only, for everything. Jan 24, Messages: RayNov 4, SeeMoreDigital is online now. Is there a desktop player that can cover all the above needs? Mpeg2-TS files didn’t present a problem, either at x or x resolutions.


Does the region cheat posted at MPEG playcenter work cinena this version also? After powering up the player, you will see the welcome message:. In this review, we will try to present the player’s full functions and features, along with our real life tests and some extensive modifications.

After looking around, we found an alternative URL address where someone could update their player.

AbstraktNov 3, BMP files weren’t recognized by the player. I’ve seen this in action streaming Hi Def to a scaler and Sony G On the other hand, playing DRM files, requires several additional steps. FlugzeuglerNov 2, Oct 30, Messages: It ain’t perfect but nothing is but it is recommended.

I have an apple cube and as the built in network card is Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to secure the drive since the holes are at the bottom.

It also has the ability to stream audio, video, picture contents from your PC to any TV or home theater system. I must say I was quite surprised to see this player being fitted with DVI output DennisT snszio, Nov 2,

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