Cast – Smile Donghae. Bong Yi enters and reassures Anna too. He was still asleep when they got home. Sool Nyeo gets pissed and talks about him telling on Sae Wa. Jo goes in really mad and says that he’ll apologize if they won’t do it. Joon learns of what Sae Wa did but he says it’s impossible.

Jo calls Hye Sook and asks her if they’ve already apologized. Do Jin goes into his office and calls JJ Home Shopping to cancel the contract, but it turns out that they have already decided to go with Taebong Kimchi. Then he storms out of his office. She says that she hates Sun Woo but Dong Hae says it’s fine. Episodes This show does not have any episodes. Log in with Email. He was so pissed he threw the papers on his table.

She notices that her husband seems troubled. Do Jin runs off and leaves Sae Wa and his donghaee behind. Dong Hae decides to go see him right away. The people from the kimchi factory goes home, and everyone in the house foes out to congratulate them. Pil Jae leaves for work.

asian TV unlimited: Smile, Dong Hae Episode

He was still asleep when they got home. Smioe Jin snaps and starts shoutin but Kang Jae stops him and tells them to leave. Joon wakes Do Jin up. Bong Yi tells him to quit it and asks help from her parents and brother to chase Sun Woo away.


Joon drives off with his two sons.

Smile Dong Hae – 126

Dong Hae reminds Anna that she shouldn’t see Joon or Mrs. Do Jin says he’s not apologizing to Taebong Kimchi.

Sae Wa promises to do something to gain Mr. Click here to learn more. Joon asks for the address of the bar and ends the call. Anna and Dong Hae goes in their room.

Episodf is back in his office, still not knowing what to do. Jo paces back and forth at his office.

Jo goes in really mad and says that he’ll apologize if they won’t do it. Anna says that Joon asked her if she want to see her real parents. Bong Yi enters and reassures Anna too.

The rest goes in to wash up for dinner. Hye Sook insists, saying Do Jin will take care of it.

epjsode Joon is driving his car, and he starts thinking about everything that happened. Mal Sun enters their room with the freesias. Smile Donghae Volunteer Team. Hye Sook asks for the address so she could get Do Jin but Joon says he’s gonna do it. Dong Hae then receives a call from JJ Home Shopping, asking him to go to the network and that it’s urgent.


He says that he needs to talk to the couple when he gets home. Hye Sook tells him that it would only make Mr.

Lee Joo Yeon Supporting Cast. And if Joon knows who his grandparents are. Episodes This show does not have any episodes. Dong Hae was calling Joon at te same time so the line was busy and they weren’t able to talk. Pil Yong asks her about it and says that rpisode from someone special.

Sorry, this content is not available in your region. Tae Hoon and Dong Hae steps out of the network, and they hug each other while jumping and shouting out of happiness in getting the contract.

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