You give your slugs names? In fact, I almost feel sorry for whatever noob you’re up against. You mean like this? Way to go Burpy! Why would something like that be of any interest to me? You are very nice.

Though, I was expecting something a little cooler. Dear Eli, if you’re reading this, it means I’ve fallen protecting Slugterra. Blakk, what have you done to it!? Shockwire get over here and pay up. You know, this road is filled with guys like that. Clearly he spent little time around Molenoids.

You know, my skills in observation are highly refined.

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But now that you’re in the competition don’t think we’re doing you any favors. You willing to try me? Good enough to finally beat you.

And I don’t think we want to share it with the other duelers, do we? I mean, you may not have lots of skill, but you got plenty of heart. Nothin’ but floppers in here! You’re never gonna win using floppers! Good luck you’re gonna need it.


Ah You have made a wise choice, young Shane- – My name is Eli. Show them to me!

I’m a Shane, you know, so after this competition is over, you’ve got to be up for a life of adventure! You’re gonna do fine. How ’bout we call you ‘Lucky.

Time to ditch the surface clothes, Burpy. Your father is Will Shane?!? You have to stop it!

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Unless you’re Will Shane, you better keep on movin’. That would be my Dad. So are you going to tell me what this is all about, or do I have to guess? Still not too late to quit while you’re alive, Shane. I don’t really have a choice, do Benesth.

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There are too many dangers on both sides these two worlds must be kept separate. Stand sideways you’re harder to hit that way. Check this out kid thinks he’s a Shane! In this competition, you win, you get to pick a slug from your opponent. I know we always talked about making your first journey underground together, but you’ll have to do this one on your own.


Think he’s any relation? No one can know about the surface Eli.

We have slugs to win! Or, you know, just recently met. Why would something like that be of any interest to me? Check it out Burpy! No, of course not.

The world beneath our feet. But uh where are the rest? Let me guess Happy Birthday?

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