Saw it last year at Frameline. I think I may have stated this before. That people are finding it hard to watch a man beat up and rape another man is, I think, a good thing. During the rape, due to the lack of any other sound, I heard audible gasps all around me from the audience — one may have even been my own. If he were a REAL uncle, how likely is it that he doesn’t already know what he looks like? I understand the artsy fartsy point of telling the ending that perhaps its Christian whom is calling and demanding money as blackmail to keep quiet, but do we – after enduring so many see above started train of thoughts on this film to have them dropped with no explanation? A second example lies in the wrongly ended hotel room scene. Faults in story line and pacing won’t help to get the message across JvH48 20 October

Twenty-somethings, their choice of movie watching is not based on what so and so said in such and such a publication. It was supposed to be awkward for Christian. Later, he punishes Anika severely and disproportionately for sneaking out of the house. And to make it even worse, we are led to believe that after all the drama, everything just settles down and no word is ever spoken about it ever again? Just my 2 cents! A missed chance, as it might have worked as an eye opener when packaged in a better plot. Not, IMHO, a gay friendly movie.

Just in case this isn’t horrifying enough for you, the camera angle is then changed to an overhead shot so that you can see the victims backside as he’s being brutalized. Why, then, the need for yet another sojourn into this tiresome world?

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Support a strong civil society, support independent cinemas like labia. There is very little dialog. We have all crossed paths with angry and regretful people.


There is one stressful scene at a beach, it concludes with a painfully extensive shot that holds on Sklonheid siting in a car composing himself. The story follows the uncle character most of the time.

Technically the scenes are dark, erratic and unconnected. I can’t recommend this enough. It is a difficult one to watch, but it is one that makes us think first, and then, almost secondarily, feel.

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The movie didn’t show him to have any redeeming qualities in my opinion so in the end I was hoping he would either be punished for the rape or at least come to grips with his homo- or bi-sexuality and do something positive about it.

The way he captured the aspects of South African Afrikaans culture is so true.

This may not seem like a lot to you but it is a bold step forward, an attempt to show audiences that there are different ways of seeing ourselves. Archived from the original on The uncle and nephew finally meet as the first called the latter to have him picked up.

Views Read Skkoonheid View history. He wants Francois to fund his business.

However, I didn’t come away from this movie thinking the director was conflating the closet with sexual violence, or even Afrikaner culture with excessive violence. This film is the “rape” equivalence of a snuff film. As a South African, few films really capture the dialogue, the intention, the feeling of it.

I badly wanna know. Was it a cultural choice or was it an economic one? Sexual orientations Asexual Bisexual Heterosexual Homosexual. Judging by the content the word seems to be meant ironically, which is fine. The pace of the movie was deliberately slow. Paid for by the French. A missed chance, as it might have worked as an eye skooonheid when packaged in a better plot.


Social attitudes Prejudice Violence. You become very close to Francoise throughout the film, which is a beautiful irony, because we are probably closer than anyone has ever spiiler to him. That you are confused about this is – interesting.

This is one of the primary reasons why Skoonheid works, because there is the suggestion of his being trapped.

So what really happened at the end??? (spoiler)

Each time, the smile is fond, tender, and softens a face that is usually so cold and set. The problems started arising when he became obsessed with Christian, his friend’s much younger, sublimely beautiful son. The movie’s few serious flaws–Deon Lotz is not believable as a gay man, even as a mobie closeted and homophobic gay man; and Charlie Keegan is nowhere near the beauty the movie makes move out to be–in a way aren’t really flaws at all, because those incongruities reinforce the fundamental impossibility of anything approaching health and sanity in such a perverted society.

I got what you wish, thanks for putting up.

I was stumped spoller would play the repressed, closeted, rageaholic in the US remake if it was ever attempted. The top critic here, Peter Calder, liked it and I happen to like his reviews and work with him as a subedior. No, we will not share your email address with anyone or send you spam. He says HE wasn’t in the car when it was carjacked.

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