Blu Ray October 7th I was set on giving this a 4. This movie came out towards the end of high school and everyone saw it, for weeks people were leaving mysterious VHS tapes lying around and calling people only to say “seven days” and then hang up. A Quiet Place 7. Also the movie that Resident Evil totally ripped off. I let my daughter pick the movie and she picked Blood Of Ghastly Horror. Lori Strode’s paranoia and mental stability issues feel much more real in this one, Loomis turned slimy profiteer was great and even their halloween party was better in this movie than the new one.

Valley Of The Witch Season 1, Episode 6: One thing that really struck me is this felt like I was watching someone play Resident Evil 4 in real life with no weapons. I love the mysteriously deserted town at the opening of this movie, it is a set up that has stuck with me for years. This one is a direct continuation of the Zombie reboot that I admitibly wasn’t really a big fan but the bones were used well here to craft a somewhat above average slasher outing. Oktoberfest Germany My Thoughts:

Back to hit a hundred!. Frankenstein Island doesn’t disappoint in rancch pain threshold. The Possession Experiment Everybody and their brother was making a possession film in the mid-seventies.

Not as good as the first in the series, but still entertaining. Final Destination 5 2. I am going to have to invest a little in a wider variety of Criterion horror since this theme doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.


Hereditary October 13 9. The Lost Boys Texas Chainsaw Massacre I never see any concerned sally toys. Cold Prey 2 The 90’s kids Fuull movie.

The 14th Annual “October Horror Movie Challenge” (10/1 – 10/31) ***The List Thread***

For anyone not in the know, this is the movie that was famously released by director Al Adamson 3 times, each successive release adding additional newly shot scenes that don’t really integrate well. Wicked, Wicked October 28th Aside from being hard to follow the movie is also poorly shot and acted, in fact this would be a contender for a 1 out of 5 normally but it’s unique history and its at least interesting constant incongruity deserve at least another half star bump.

Valley Of The Witch The fawning over Barbara Crampton the tales of being dog sick but still soldering forth, this was a good track.

If fyll liked The VVitch but hoped for a more contemporary setting, this is the movie for you. Things quickly turn a lot more Revenge of Billy The Kid as the movie progresses in the most fun way. The Bus is available every 30 minutes and we can still take the next Bus at hrs if we miss the hrs Bus.

Skjnwalker a rough start but a genuinely funny low budget zomcom. Even better in HD. Silly, but a lot of fun. She seemed just as interested in this as I would a good Giallo.

Halloween October 21 Mickey Rourke plays a perpetually boozed up and sweat drenched private investigator hired to find a man out of time.

The plot if it really even matters is about a man who escapes from a mental institution so that he car return home to kill. Zombies Vampires: The Uninvited 4 out of 5 stars October 21st: One thing that it is getting hard tome creative with is the ultra gore. Cut to me blind buying this from Vinegar Syndrome, I mean come on it’s called Psycho Cop and it all comes rushing back.


And watching it today was pleasantly familiar, a wonderful screen adaptation of a TV show. I bought this because it was a cheapie liquidation DVD and it has this blurb on the back ” Researching this movie a bit turns up that there is a Thriller style XXX version as well and of course I now immediately regret owning this nerfed version.

81 Best Free movies with Greek Subtitles images in | Horror films, Horror Movies, Scary movies

Hugh Grant was an interesting choice of lead actor. There is a little bit of big bad at the end but most of the movie is just about the desolation and being alone in the wilderness and then alone in this abandoned or is it? Don’t get me wrong it’s trash but for that certain novie A very un-nerving film.

Hostel Part II October 21st

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