What does that mean? Lay it on me, magic man. It’s double chocolate chip cookie. Tell that one where you hit Bob Dylan over the head with a box of fish fingers. It means I’m getting laid tonight, Fred. You’ve kept yourself pure for so long for this task of peace. Christina, we’ve had rejection.

I did something stupid. What the hell are you talking about? And now, really really bad things are gonna happen. Oh, come on, Freds. You’re not supposed to eat it! Uhh, get it down you, girls.

Oh, my stars and garters! It means I can’t look after you any more. You were just in a bad mood.

See you around, Emily. Why couldn’t you hear her? See you around, Cookie. I said, you don’t have the balls to show skis to anyone. You invited half the college. Listen, fate has brought me here. Don’t she look a picture?

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I mean, she seemed like she liked me. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Oh, that’s just Johnny. Looks like it’s just me and you. You may rank way above me in terms of strength and size, but at least I can love. Well, there is a pretty strict dress code. Yeah, I subtitled, why? She tried to snog my sister at middle school.


People tell lies about me. It’s your lucky day. Cos you almost got us killed. This is mine now! Look at my tracksuit, you weasely little prick! A dog filled with drugs. Tonight’s your lucky night, GayJay. Well, you can drink some of the weird girl’s blood, she’s like a walking syringe.

Daddy says nothing’s too good for me. You don’t have the balls to show that photo.

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Oh, just some guy. Freddie, we’ve got to get this man some drugs. What does that mean? I was going to ask her out. Hey, Cook, What is this place? I don’t even want to know what happened last night. What sort of thing are you looking for? Yes, I know the perfect girls for you. Look who it is!

The only card I need is the ace of spades, the ace of spades. I’m not going subtltles do that. You can’t come in. I’ll let you stick it anywhere. She’s at some engagement party. OK, I’ll see you later! Don’t speak about my mum. You’re beautiful, but no. I’m going home, all right? Get out, get out!


Skins Subtitles

Is that all you’re doing? That, my friends, is what you call a legend. Look, it’s not my decision. X03e02 is gonna blow your mind! You have no idea. Hang on, what you doing?

Bit of the other?

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