Daityaraj asks his men to attack Ram. Ram decides to free the people from the atrocity of the demons. Ram allows Sita to accompany him to the forest. Lord Hanuman teaches wrestling to children. Kaikeyi decides to stop Ram’s coronation. Later, Ravan tells Akampana about his decision to abduct Sita. The kanyadan ceremony begins.

He assures Ram of fulfilling his responsibilities as his representative. Laxman requests Vishwamitra to take him to the ashram too. Sita decides to treat the wounded deer. Meanwhile, Lord Hanuman praises the child Jadmati when he treats his student Malu, who has injured himself while wrestling. Mandvi agrees to marry Bharath on realising her mistake. Lakshman and Sita are attacked by a giant bird, Jatayu.

Sita suspects someone to have tampered with nature. Kaikeyi decides to stop Ram’s coronation. Kaikeyi manipulates Dasharath; wants him to make Bharat his successor.

Bali follows Mayavi into a cave and eplsode Sugriva to wait outside until he returns. Dundubi comes up with a plan to kill Bali and Sugriva. Jatayu informs Ram that Ravan’s army has attacked the residents of Panchvati. Manthara provokes Kaikeyi against Kaushalya. A boatman agrees to help Ram, Lakshman and Sita cross the Ganga.

Manthara reminds Kaikeyi about Dasharath’s promise to Ashwapati. He tells Ravan that Janak has decided to get Sita married to the person who will string the Shiva Dhanush. Ram is depressed on learning about Dasharath’s death.

Malyavan asks Ravan to gain special powers to defeat Indradev. She then attacks Sita, but Lakshman saves her. Kaikeyi regrets for her deeds. Surpanakha urges Ram to marry her but he tells her that he is already married.


Ram kills Khara by using his powers. Kaushalya asks Ram to build a golden horse and sacrifice it. Mandodari thinks of ways to avert Ravan’s death. Dasharath asks his men to take Kaikeyi out of his room.

Subahu and Mareech are summoned to perform Tataka’s last rites. Janak advises Sita about married life.

The fearsome Sage Vishwamitra arrives in time to stop them. Shatrughan decides to accompany Bharat to Kekaya. Malyavan confronts Virad for hiding the truth from Ravan. Meanwhile, Vishwamitra decides to take Ram and Lakshman to Mithila.

Ram and Lakshman receive an emotional farewell before they leave Sage Vishwamitra’s ashram. Sita goes to fetch a few lotus.

Ram is surprised on learning that Jatayu is a friend of Dasharath. Shatanand informs Sita that Ram had defeated Tataka. Later, as per Vasishth’s instructions, Ram immerses Dasharath’s ashes with a heavy heart. Bharath and Shatrughan receive a message asking them to return to Ayodhya. He requests Mandavi to support him in his decision. Suryadev 36 Hanuman to protect his son, Sugriva.

Sita Finds a Way to Ram’s Heart

Lakshman tries to cheer up Ram and Sita. Shrutakirti is about to be trampled by the deer when Sita rushes to rescue her. Sita and her sisters are happy as Kushadwaj and Chandrabhaga visit Mithila. Lord Hanuman rescues a child from danger. Vishwamitra asks Ram to not feel upset. Meanwhile, Sita helps the epksode at the ashram.


Dasharath reaches Ayodhya and tells Kaikeyi about Ram’s plan to visit Shanta.

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Kaikeyi confronts Bharath in disguise to tests his skills as a warrior. Shatrughan feels dejected on realising Bharath’s fervent love for Ram. A woman tells Sunaina about Sita’s horoscope. The demons attack Vishwamitra’s ashram again. He calls Janak a cheat and Sita an orphan!

Dasharath apologises to Kaikeyi for not informing her about Ram’s Raj Tilak. Manthara is elated to learn that Bharat will be the king. Gargi episoee Ram by confronting him about Tadaka’s killing. Hanuman punishes Indradev’s son, Jayant, when he tries to attack him. Later, Ravan decides to abduct Sita.

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Ram tells her that he is married to Sita. Malyavan tells Meghnath how Bali had once defeated Ravan. Kaikeyi tells Manthara to go home for speaking against Ram. Sita decides to accompany Ram on his exile.

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