PakalanaPikake March 24, at 9: They are just more relaxed in each other’s presence especially Baek-ki However, the end left me a bit confused. Thanks Heads for the recap. I particularly like the joseon period a biig period lol I reccommend the famous ones: Thank you tt for all your help! I was thinking about this too

Empire is a production company right? Dong-seok calls Anthony back to the hospital, because Go-eun has finally woken up. This is a woman who isn’t afraid to show her feelings even years before she blatantly says it. But unlike Joseon, Goryeo did not leave behind well-documented historical records like the Joseon Annals. Im truly in awe at how perfect this drama has been from beginning to end down to each detail. Arawn December 26, at 2: Thanks for all this info Arawn! Chickletta November 30, at 2:

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I loved that scene as well and died laughing. Now that’s what you called as a kiss, Yoon kyun Sang Oppa. You made us heartd and cry with you, feel bad when you felt bad, and celebrate your happiness like you were not only Geu-rae’s Chief Oh, but ours. Like waiting for hoursss for a promise to meet in a place.

She must be important role thats why they change the actress. You speak my mind Kiara. Eliot in this final episode and the previous one! Hi Jomo, I agree with what you said Faked amnesia – ha!


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Has filmography in both English and Korean:. But definitely it’s the sinopsie who trumps the corporation when he makes and finds meaning in his work day because of the people he’s with, and what they mean to him.

For a moment, she has a crestfallen expression when he says that she should meet with the suitor, but she soon recovers and agrees. There’s nothing fussy about her!

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This wasn’t a problem in the glory days of real sageuks because they were based mostly on the history. And as Anthony mentions in the 1st epi. I remember hearing a student friend call to me in the Denver airport whom I HADNT SEEN in 29 years, and didn’t recognize–she didn’t recognize me either but she said she knew my voice loud immediately–and the intervening years fell away. I hwarts I was able to read their discussion and what they Korean viewers thinks headts the show.

Hi, I am tue fan of you since Miss Korea. You can really see in their eyes that they are true believers. I wish you all the best with your future projects, and anticipate them eagerly!

Where have I left my brain? Also damn you show for making me cry in every episode. Loved all the poetry Chinese, T.


As I recall he posted a lot of fun photos. I ling loved his threat and then victory speech to Oh Ji Wan concerning battles only being between dramatizfd and not hurting others around him. The commoner had to pay the nobles a lot of money even they don’t have it to just exist. Download the latest version here. I love his attempts at hugging, and the faces Geu-rae makes to let him know he’s being a pain.

This episode was pure awesome. Truly, it was my favorite show of the year from any country, in any language, and that was in large part due to Manager Oh.

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No yr old child can carry his baby brother like Gil-hyun did, unless he’s the Mighty child? That’s the beauty of Misaeng, and what makes it an uplifting, wholesome drama. Did you even forget your hatred and resentment toward me? As long as any love lines are in keeping with the tone of the story that is. Agree with both of you!

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