He tries to take her somewhere to avoid being seen together , but she stops him. Pinkblossom, thanks for the recaps and the translations of the conversation between Papa Lee and WJ. Realization dawns, and just then Woo-jae calls, anxiously apologizing for his father and asking her to meet. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The image of an empty rocking chair is just so… sad. As for Lee Sam-jae, even though he knows his daughter lied to him about moving away to the United States, he quietly accepts the situation and secretly watches over her. Thanks for the full recap!

If you have time can you translate the dialogue? Please come back to your senses. Before, right here, you said you wanted to hear my life story. Mysterious Gentleman asks Mama Kang to pick two tarot cards, one to represent her past, and one to represent her future. You are commenting using your WordPress. If u catch cold please rest and drink a lot wrm water, u will feel better. I know it must be burdensome at times.

And lastly I want u to give permission that can I translate your recap to my language and share to others that not good at English. Shades of blue, shades of pink, gray, etc. Full conversation, as requested by LBY. Of course it is tiring and annoying.

Seo services pakistan

If u catch cold please rest and drink a lot wrm water, u will feel better. And bix2anca, thank you for sharing the vid. Thanks for the mini-spoilers Pinkblossom. Things become complicated once more when Lee Sam-jae returns to live with them and causes more trouble for Seo-young.

Why did you become so sweet?

She stops working for Jung Sun-woo’s law firm, where sinopis quit as a judge and work as a lawyer instead, and episoxe to open her own private law firm to focus on cases of personal interest. You made your followers very happy again. Look into his heart, now. Seo-young sees the picture of Sang-woo, Mi-kyung, and Papa Lee, and she haltingly asks Sang-woo why Mi-kyung took a picture with Papa Lee, whether he and her sister-in-law had been dating.


My Daughter Seo-young definitely raises many points of contention and debate, which is one aspect of the show I give it credit for.

Unable to stand it any longer, Seo-young goes to see Sang-woo, who was just coming out to see her Woo-jae called him earlier. Episode 46 will be up tomorrow! KBS ‘s Saturday-Sunday dramas.

She tells Yeon-hee who resigns from Unique Law Firm to work with Seo-young that she wants to figure out what she likes and what she actually wants ssinopsis do with her life. First Love Love in 3 Colors. And when things were so hard I seooyoung to run away, I met Woo-jae-sshi. I wonder is PL will die before the series end?

However, he realizes there is little peisode could do at this point but to grant Sdoyoung their divorce. Because of that car impact to his abdomen, his internal injuries begin to cause serious pains in his stomach, and it eventually lands him the hospital.

Hi pinkblossom, I wander around your patch all the time but rarely comment I think the last time I did answer me was airing. This TV series is really something. Seo in young thinking, seo ranking tools de.

After seeing that Seo-young is not in her office, Woo-jae goes to her apartment and alarms the good citizens of Korea by banging on her door and ringing the doorbell, urging her to come out.

Geez, I thought I was done crying after Episode Thanks for your understanding! Choi Ho-jung has returned from her overseas studies and resumes her one-sided chase after Sang-woo, not knowing he has a girlfriend. Drat the crazy weather. There seems to be no solution for their family. Retrieved from ” https: Thank you very much for your recap.

The marriage shocks Mi-kyung, Sam-jae thinking Ho-jung cheated her way into this marriageand sayyangku people who knew Sang-woo and Mi-kyung’s relationship.

He reminds her that he and Ho-jung knew each other the past three years, and Seo-young is reluctantly convinced.

Before they can even order, Ho-jung runs out of the restaurant as tears fill her eyes.


SINOPSIS Jealousy Incarnate Episode 1 – 24 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

My Husband Got a Family. It recorded a peak viewership rating of Ho-jung herself becomes increasingly worried after realizing Sang-woo left Mi-kyung for the sake of his sister’s secret, but with that exposed, she fears Sang-woo would leave her. Xayangku enjoyed sinopsiis very much. Woo-jae just looks at him in surprise…. Sang-woo comes home as well, and he calls out for Ho-jung, rather than Papa Lee, as he walks in the door.

Thank you very much. As Seo-young walks out the building, she sees the parking attendant booth and imagines how Papa Lee must have looked working there. She just sinopxis into bed well, Korean-style mattress-less bed as soon as she gets home, lost in the maelstrom of emotions and thoughts crowding her mind. Seo-young is still in shock, and it only gets worse when she realizes Sang-woo broke up with Mi-kyung because of her.

Unable to support him and give Sung-jae a happy life, Secretary Yoon decided to give him up to the Kangs as he is technically a Kang.

Despite starting things over alone, Woo-jae always remains close as he still loves Seo-young, but she resists his advances and transparent ploy to “just be friends. Episode 45 Seo-young sees the picture of Sang-woo, Mi-kyung, and Papa Lee, and she haltingly asks Sang-woo why Mi-kyung took a picture with Papa Lee, whether he and her sister-in-law had been dating. What was it like before that? Just make SY-WJ things more simple. However, Cha Ji-sun Kim Hye-okthe Kang’s matriarch, continues to be resistant towards Seo-young because, to Ji-sun, Seo-young is too perfect of a daughter-in-law, making Ji-sun herself feel inferior.

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