Carol 5 episodes, It was so sad to look at her looking lost. And the only phone numbers I can recite by heart is my boss and my mom’s phone number, lol. SW’s spanking black leather shoes and black socks to match as he took those measured steps in that gripping first scene. SW shooting at the lackeys’ feet, making them dance as he fires a barrage of shots without turning around I don’t think his sense of responsibility is the reason for his departure, although it could be a contributing factor, because his mission isn’t a good enough reason for him to run away from someone he loves.

I am also dying to see everything from SW’s point of view, but it seems that he has a point of view on everyone except DH. Meanwhile, Woon-kwang tries to call Seol-woo, but is ignored. She tried her best in her situation. In fact, I find that whole part of the story somewhat tedious. I love how he’s such a coward sometimes. Tommy Ward 5 episodes, And the way he looks at her and talks to her.

I hated that chief who went to the dinner with his uniform on, that was just UGH! She scratches her head and walks over to the door, pulling nlce a bobby pin. They have such interesting ways of getting to each other! I I love the way he walks, he takes these long measured strides, very deliberate, very precise steps, it kind of reminds me of the way he works, methodical and precise, never a step wrong, moving forward episods the time. YY May 13, at 9: She displays the classic signs of an abused wife.

He tells Seol-woo to hand over the wood carving and the ring by tonight, or Do-ha dies. His level of understanding people’s feeling is at a very high level, but he can’t apply those same insights on himself. And the only phone numbers I can recite by heart is my boss and my mom’s phone number, lol. Maybe I am more emotional on this because I am invested in them emotionally.

I can’t imagine their future together as a happy family. The Staircase TV Series SW should have killed KC. I hope they don’t let us wait for too long, but I think they’re keeping the sad OST until the later episodes when it gets angsty.


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What was the nature of the closed door meeting between the ex-ghost agent S and Seal-Woo? I was swooning so hard in this episode when I finally saw that crack of emotional charge in him, and his confirmation of his feelings. New here I really hope miss min jung doesn’t see those negative comments about her.

The resignation was to take sole responsibilty for disobeying orders and going rogue. This episode has made me sit upright and not moving for an hour!

Jice had me when he said “Shouldn’t you guys be launching satellites to track Do-Ha”. But it kind of makes it tiring for me to keep seeing them on my screen, and I would rather be seeing him as a smart, capable villain who’s on par with plotting against our main characters, than someone who’s just completely ruthless. She tried her best in her situation. So far the we have our characters developing nicely, the dramatization is good plot is rolling, good directing and editing all gears seem to be in sync potential for a great drama sweet.

There, you have them now! He begins counting down from three, and when he reaches one, the man concedes and reveals the buyer to be Ki-chul. Yeah I also love murasakimi style. They did that on purpose, the hair, Kim Min Jung had beautiful long hair and they requested her to cut snopsis cm of hair and she obliged. But I do see what you mean about the noble idiocy. Reluctantly, Seol-woo allows it, but only if Woon-kwang promises to follow his orders. I’m happy to finally be on board with the OTP and swoon properly for them, especially when Seol-woo running around terrified that Do-ha wouldn’t make it.

The Innocent Man

I adore woon-kwang hes just everything a brother should be: On to the episode, I keep trying to figure out Seol Woo’s expression all the hole he was trying to save Do Ha. But what matters is that she tried.


Besides playing those games, he seems to eplsode nothing else except plan and wait for the next order. And the way he looks at her and talks to her.

The Last Chance It was like Draatized felt he couldn’t be a part of her life anymore. I sinopsls the idea of her being a grey character too. David Timmons 5 episodes, Olivia de Boutray An autopsy reveals a stunning contradiction to Tommy and Karl’s confession.

I think the backstory was he started off as a stuntman before he transitioned into acting, so he would be trained in fighting and used to taking a beating. Why are you surprised when WK revealed that he was a fighter?

Ron Williamson Young 5 episodes, Thank you so much for the recaps murasakimi! Seol-woo is alarmed dramatizes Woon-kwang knows about that, but then Woon-kwang demands to know who Seol-woo really is. And I couldn’t root properly for them when one side faked the affection and a relationship that started on lie isn’t good either.

He was lonely because he was not allowed to form any attachment with anyone. It was also sweet how at the end he was trying to pat and squeeze Do-Ha’s shoulder when it hit her that Seol Woo might have played with her feelings. Either way, I want to know more.

Glen Gore 5 episodes, Jeremy Summers That’s ok for me, because it tells me he’s a great, decent guy who knows that there are things more important than blindly following a mission. I just love Do-ha more and more. Just like the ghost he was meant to be.

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